BOLT Electric Motorbike Concept by Springtime

As the streets are getting more crowded by the day, traffic has increased a lot and the cost of fuel has exploded, many companies from the automotive world are taking a different path in systems of propulsion, going for the more economic and greener electric motors instead of the traditional petrol engines.

Especially destined for urban landscapes, electric motorcycles aren’t things of the future anymore, but machines of today. The Dutch company Springtime is bringing forth their latest project – the BOLT electric motorcycle, a stylish piece of engineering and an efficient and green urban means of transportation.

It hasn’t yet been presented along huff and puff ceremonies, but in a very discreet manner. It sports dual electric motors that deliver 80kW of power, quite a lot for a bike this size. Furthermore, it comes with a user-friendly, accessible digital display and LED lighting.

It’s yet another project we’re pretty fond of. Mother Nature needs a break, as does the Earth itself. This is the way our future should look like – no noise, no gases, no pollution, better health and more power through thinking.


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