Build a Pet Shelter Website with WordPress and the Petfinder Listings Plugin

If you own or operate a pet shelter, you know that saving homeless animals and placing them in loving homes is an enormous but worthy challenge. Finding the time to care for animals while developing and managing a complex updated and searchable website that lists the pets from your shelter is nearly impossible without financial support that most shelters could only dream of.

That is why nearly 14,000 rescues rely on Petfinder to assist in providing a searchable database and vetting the perfect moms and dads for shelter animals. Petfinder makes a difference to thousands of pets. As a community of homeless animal adoption shelters and rescue groups, participating agencies have reported that more than 60% of their adoptions come through Petfinder.

All you need to get started is a Petfinder shelter ID and a free Petfinder API key. Soon you will be pulling your animal’s listings onto your own WordPress site.

How to Create a Simple Shelter Website with WordPress

First, install the Petfinder Listings plugin and activate. Next, input your API Key, Shelter ID and choose thumbnail and large image sizes. Then simply place the shortcode in a Page or a Post within your WordPress site and, voila, you will begin pulling photos and details of your rescues from your Petfinder account directly to your own website.

The more attention they get, the sooner they will find their new home. If you don’t have enough real estate on your website to list them all, you can opt for a widget that will feature a special friend of your choice or select one at random. This can be a great way to increase visibility for your animals. The more attention they get, the sooner they will find their new families.

Operating a rescue is a lot of work but advertising your animals to new owners doesn’t have to be.Take advantage of the Petfinder Listings plugin to increase attention to your animal rescue website, generate more interest in your furry candidates and find more pets new loving homes.