Burberry’s Cat Lashes Mascara Will Help Women Achieve World Domination

Cat Lashes Mascara

Burberry’s new mascara promises ladies the chance to conquer the entire world, possibly seducing every single one of us in the process. Actually, the renowned English luxury fashion house is offering women the opportunity to brag about the most dramatic and intense lashes ever, something that is totally worthy of attention, right?

Called the “Cat Lashes” mascara, Burberry is really proud to advertise it as the one and only mascara that delivers a cat-eye effect. So, if it’s seductive feline eyes you were looking for, this is definitely the way to go. Presented in an hour glass-shaped brush, made with elastomer, the innovative brush stretches and separates lashes to create a hypnotic effect that ladies will surely love and men might fall for.

Cat Lashes Mascara

Available in three shades – specifically Jet Black, Chestnut Brown and Midnight Blonde – this stunning mascara boasts a lightweight formula that allows lashes to really stand out. Please note that Burberry’s brush also sports a cone-shaped tip, which also allows the skinny lashes at the inner corner of the eyes benefit from this unique beauty treatment.

The cat-eye mascara from Burberry is going to cost you only $29 and it’s also complemented by a liquid eyeliner, contouring stick, an eye-shadow palette and an eyebrow-defining brush. Feel free to check out the entire collection on the brand’s website and choose what you like.

Cat Lashes Mascara

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