Chateau Eza Glances Over The Mediterranean Sea

Château Eza

Proudly sitting above the Mediterranean Sea, Château Eza allows guests to experience the beautiful life on the French Riviera from a unique point of view, with luxury, sophistication and nothing but the best services on the table.

History, glamour and style, are all part of this unique hotel’s charm as well, accompanied by clear blue skies and views that could literally take your breath away. We’re sure no one could say no to that, right? Château Eza is also nestled high above the wonderful Côte d’Azur, so if you’re ever planning a trip here, this place might be the most awesome hotel you should consider.

It offers only 10 rooms, but they’re all extremely amazing and one of them actually acted as the home of 30 years for Prince William of Sweden – which means this place was, is, and will be fit even for royalty. The castle is still a relatively less known hideaway, which means you can relax here in complete privacy, while being surrounded by some of the most wonderful European landscapes.

Château Eza

Just one look at any of these photos with the hotel’s stunning terrace, and you’ll immediately imagine yourself there, enjoying your favorite drink every morning and savoring life in the best way possible. If you want even more exclusivity, you are more than welcomed to head down to the hotel’s private beach and take a dip into the almost holy waters of this French location.

Come sundown, the Chateau welcomes guests to dine at the Michelin Star-rated Restaurant Château Eza, where an exciting menu includes sinful gastronomic delights. Afterwards, your very own fluffy sheets, stylish suite and private terrace await, only to make this a perfect evening and an unforgettable vacation on Côte d’Azur.

Château Eza

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