ColorWare’s Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is Retro Coolness

ColorWare Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

ColorWare, custom game console maker and tech extraordinaire, has just introduced its very own version of Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, with a refined look that’s simply marvelous. A trip down memory lane, this ultra-sleek PS 4 Pro looks retro and futuristic in the same time, and we totally love that.

The elegant gray console before you will make any serious gamer remember the mighty days when they ruled the Earth – or, so they thought – while competing for the title of most vivacious and skillful gamer on the block.

ColorWare Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Going retro seems the right way to our hearts, with this gaming console receiving dual shades of gray and the usual PlayStation Logo sitting atop, in a mix of red, green, blue and yellow this time – some might think about the early Apple logo with this one.

ColorWare also made sure that each and every unit passes the intense phases of disassembly, cleaning, masking, painting, and inspection before teasing our retinas, and apart from the PS4 Pro, this company has also redesigned several other electronic devices electronic devices in the past, such as the 24k Xbox One Pearl or this lovely iPhone.

But to us, this customized Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is the best of all, and it’s a total bargain at just $899.

ColorWare Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

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