Couach Yachts will unveiled La Pellegrina at Cannes

Famous for their contemporary, innovative and gorgeous designs, Couach Yachts is one of the most renowned brands in France. They will be presenting the La Pellegrina, the largest French yacht, on the occasion of 2012’s Cannes Boat Show.

Measuring a whopping 50 meters from head to toe, this magnificent vessel embodies a significant deal of luxury throughout its 500 square meters of living spaces. It features 6 luxuriously appointed cabins which can accommodate a total of 12 guests. Found on the top deck, providing simply breathtaking panoramas and featuring a private deck, the owner’s cabin is a true epitome of exquisiteness, designed the French way.

The yacht comprises 4 different layers of decks. Guests can enjoy tasty dishes inside the huge dining room, while the lavish lounge serves as a perfect spot for chatting and babbling. Its floor is covered in leather, while the walls were crafted from sycamore wood, trimmed with white lacquers.

In addition, there’s a 6 person Jacuzzi with bar, hot kitchen and cold kitchen. There are also arrays of exercising machines which guests can operate at their free will in case they don’t fancy the thought of getting out of shape. Additional amenities are represented by the window shades, efficient air conditioning and luminaries.

The most interesting side of La Pellegrina is the fact that it can be easily controlled via a single tablet. Not to mention the fact that every guest can access a huge database of more than 1,000 movies, listen to music, and they are also being provided with satellite communication and TV.

Technically speaking, La Pellegrina is the first yacht ever to be entirely crafted from composite Kevlar with carbon reinforcements. Its power comes from two 5,300 HP engines. Weighing a respectable 296 tons, it can reach a maximum speed of 30 knots, while the cruise speed is limited to 25 knots, quite intriguing for a yacht of such size.

Furthermore, when navigating at 12 knots, the vessel eats 180 liters of fuel per hour – in other words, extremely economical. All these stunning facts result from the 30 years of experience the brand can boast with.

Capable of doing even transatlantic routes, La Pellegrina is staggering in everything. This is simply a machine that magnates should definitely not miss. And it’s a sexy, French creation, too!


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