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In the grand tradition of countrified classic films—”Country Strong is secretly the fifth official remake of A Star Is Born” is the hill I have chosen to die on—Netflix’s new series Country Comfort is basically a modern-day, Nashville-set take on The Sound of Music. Katharine McPhee stars not as an ex-nun sent to become a wealthy family’s governess to learn some semblance of discipline, but as an aspiring country musician who just so happens to stumble upon a family in need of a nanny, but her and Maria’s stories line up pretty perfectly after that: They both become surrogate mothers to their respective families’ many children, strike up flirtations with their widower employers, and—slight spoiler for the ending of Country Comfort season one—ultimately form lively musical groups with their adopted families.

In a very out-of-character move for Netflix, Country Comfort‘s 10-episode first season actually didn’t end on a particularly wild cliffhanger or twisty, turny season finale. Instead, the show closed out with pretty much every loose end all tied up in a very heartwarming bow—but that won’t stop fans from demanding even more episodes of the gentle musical-sitcom. Here’s everything we know so far about season two of Country Comfort.

Has Country Comfort been renewed for a second season?

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