CRN’s Impressive J’Ade Superyacht

Built by the Italian company CRN in Ancona, the J’ade is truly an impressive superyacht. At almost 60 meters, it’s quite a large vessel, immediately showcasing a strong, aggressive look. Its steel and aluminium hull, with a color scheme of warm grey and white, also adds to this sturdy feel about it.

With regards to the boat’s interior, one clue about it is in its very name: jade, hinting at the rich green color applied throughout the inside of the vessel, in the decorative textiles as well as the luxury materials on board.

The main saloon is quite spacious, offering an open ambiance, with a design scheme that blends classic warmth with contemporary textures, materials and colors. Quite unexpectedly, there’s also a baby grand piano, adding another touch of class to this already exquisite room. Then there’s the master suite, with its private study, stateroom and en suite all benefitting from the pleasant, welcoming contemporary-classic design. Guests on board are also enjoy similar amenities, with four spacious VIP suites for up to 10 guests on the lower deck.

When it comes to the boat’s exterior, the best feature has to be its sun deck. With its big rectangular pool, adjacent sun pads and spacious lounging and sunbathing deck, it’s the perfect place for hour of relaxation under the clear blue sky, enjoying, of course the perfect panoramic view of the sea.

J’ade is a really impressive boat, its strong features giving it an aura of grandeur when looking from the outside, with a warm, spacious and luxurious feel on the inside. Undoubtedly a top-class superyacht.

[SuperYacht Times]

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