Daily Harvest Founder Rachel Drori’s Workplace Style

It’s hard to believe that Rachel Drori, the founder and CEO of the wildly popular food subscription company, Daily Harvest, used to sustain herself on the stale birthday cake and trail mix that she’d find leftover in her office building’s pantry. “I would go from one meeting to the next feeling like crap,” says Drori, 38. But then again, maybe it’s not so hard to believe—after all, the best business ideas often emerge from the biggest gaps in the market. And Drori found a huge one: There wasn’t food that was both healthy and convenient. “I knew what I should be eating, but I never had time to actually eat that way,” she says.

When she started to investigate her options, she was shocked at the state of the food system in the U.S. Not finding a solution that ticked all of the boxes (quick, easy, delicious, and sustainable) she launched Daily Harvest in 2015. Since, the plant-based, sustainable food subscription and delivery service has become a a go-to for busy folks. According to Forbes, since its launch, Daily Harvest has grown into a $250 million company, based on 2020 sales, and has raised more than $43 million in funding.

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