Devon’s Unique Tread 2G Timepiece

Devon is a new name in the world of watch making, but nevertheless the Los Angeles-based designer has made quite a splash with the amazing gold-studded Tread 1G. The brand will soon unveil the successor to their first model: the magnificent Tread 2G.

The Tread 2G picks up where the 1G left off – it’s a luxurious timepiece featuring an 18kt gold case and bezel, crown, stem, case back, screws, strap clips and clasp. Gold seems to be the main theme here, as the watch also features solid gold movement motor covers, adjustment plates and indicator plate, and even a solid gold bracelet.

The Tread 2G is water resistant to 10 meters, features 1mm thick sapphire crystal and is powered by a lithium polymer rechargeable battery that can last up to 28 days. Its distinctive, yet elegant face is a regal brown with off-white numerals, ensuring this exquisite piece looks great on the wrist of the most luxurious-minded gentleman.

Expect the watch will be showcased during this year’s Baselworld.

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