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Love Deep Cleansing Oil but lately….

I have used this cleansing oil for many, many years and absolutely love it! That hasn’t changed, but I’ve noticed on the last 2 bottles that a leak develops around the outside base of the white pump near where it meets the clear bottle. It builds up until it drips down the side of the bottle. I keep my bottle under the sink and just reach in and pump it when needed so I didn’t immediately notice this leak, not until it made a real mess. I first thought it was just the last bottle but my current bottle is doing the same thing. It not only is wasting the oil, but it makes a mess and I’ve had to sit the bottle in a small dish. Still, I love this product!

Most Helpful Critical Review

Too striping. My skin turned into SANDPAPER over long term

A bit of background, I’ve been struggling with a bit of cystic acne and damaged skin barrier during quarantine. I was upset that I was having a glow down so I got disciplined with my skincare routine. I purchased this product a while ago and reintroduced it in a double cleansing regimen. Note: I had a gentle, minimalistic routine for acne with CervaVe, sunscreen, etc. After a month I began to notice my skin was still oily, forming cystic acne yet now it felt dehydrated and started forming SANDPAPER-LIKE-BUMPS. I freaked out and thought it was congestion. I added AHAs/BHAs back in, then my skin was REALLY MAD and the bumps were EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t figure out what it was. All I knew was my skin was so much worse, I had acne, the skin barrier was still compromised and no amount of moisturizer was fixing the texture. I spent a few months playing with product elimination and when I removed this my skin softened up after two washes!!! This was literally cleaning off my skin barrier. In retrospect I realized this was consistently stripping my skin, even when my skin was healthy.
Overall, Just because it works well doesn’t mean it’s good for you. And although it’s a customer favorite notice that it’s never been recommended by a dermatologist or skincare specialist.

Reviewed by 1238 customers

Beware if you have acne prone skin


Yol from Sarasota

I got this because of so many great reviews I’ve been seeing on tiktok about this product. It does the job of taking all of my makeup off which was great! but it caused my skin to now break out, which I haven’t done in months now. it’s just very disappointing to see this not mesh well with my skin well at all, and I don’t think I’ll be able to return it since it’s used. wow.

Love this cleanser


Penny from Cali

I wasn’t sure about this oil cleanser but I’m so glad that I bought it because it is very gentle and leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft, I will definitely continue to use this cleanser

amazing cleansing oil


Alondra from Kissimmee

i bought this 3 years ago and recently ran out of it so it lasts a long time if you don’t do your makeup every day, but even so you only need like a pump or two. it melts your makeup immediately and i love that it comes with a pump so i find it more hygienic.

Favorite cleansing oil


frenchiemama from Seattle

I got a sample of this and I am so glad I did. I have dry and sometimes sensitive skin and this leaves my skin moist and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I apply it dry directly to my face, gently message it in and rinse off. it easily removes my makeup including mascara. I have tried many different cleansing oils and this is by far my favorite. I will be continue buying this brand.

Great for Double Cleansing!


Carmen from Hampton, VA

Apply this to a dry face and massage it for a minute or two to watch your makeup melt off! This is so much better than using makeup wipes.. no need to pull on thats sensitive eye area to remove the eyeliner and mascara! Just gently rub and it comes right off. Rinse with water, then wash with your usual cleanser. I have sensitive, somewhat dry skin and my skin had no negative reaction to this. Since I started double cleansing I have noticed my skin looks much clearer! This cleanser does smell a bit like olive oil but it’s not strong at all and does not leave your skin feeling greasy. I have not tried using this as my sole cleanser so I cannot say how it may affect your skin used alone, but mg skin does not feel tight or greasy before my second cleanse with my usual face wash.



Anj from Wakanda

Feels like olive oil But works really well for me. I don’t wear a lot of makeup but this product can get most of it off before I go in with my second cleanser. I also appreciate that it can get most of my mascara off (even waterproof) without burning my eyes. I would repurchase.

Absolute Must


Amber from Texas

I use this cleansing oil daily and it does a wonderful job of removing all of my waterproof makeup. It is really important to apply it to a dry face and NOT on wet hands if you use it in the shower per the instructions on the bottle. I no longer need makeup wipes to remove leftover eye makeup. This product is perfect for a double cleanse routine.

Not that great


CB from Kansas

I didn’t enjoy the smell – weird to explain but it smelled like wood and not in a good way. It did a decent job of removing makeup but didn’t feel like it was as thorough as others I’ve tried.

A favorite


Rose from Colorado

I use this daily. It’s the best cleansing oil I’ve found.

so worth it.


J from NC

i have dry skin, but my boyfriend has oily skin. doesn’t leave the skin oily or anything out of the way other than CLEAN.
i started with a travel, i’m now on my 2nd big bottle. i have used several cleaners.. most of them i wash my face and there is still residue of makeup left. i will continue to repurchase, it’s worth every penny.

Worth the price


Stacey from Maryland

I originally thought this was quite high priced but after the first use I see why. It gently removed my full face of makeup including my eye makeup and left my skin super soft.

Skip it.


YG from Orlando

You can skip this one ladies. This did absolutely nothing for me. Does not remove makeup as advertised. Isn’t hydrating, quite opposite. Had high hopes since everyone seems to rave about it. Unfortunately not for me.

bomb product


Angie from rhode island

really great for sensitive skin removes all makeup, waterproof and all bye bye being all fussy over makeup wipes which i don’t use ever anymore since i bought this cleansing oil will definitely repurchase once im done.

I wanted to love it


Savanna from Mississippi

I have dry skin and typically love an oil to remove my makeup. I had high hopes for this one because my favorite dermatologist has recommended it multiple times. However, after using it a handful of times now, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t remove any of my waterproof eye makeup at all.

I will buy this product for the rest of my life


Abby from Los Angeles, CA

Takes off all my makeup so quickly. I use a water-based cleanser after I use this one and my face has never been so clear! It has simple ingredients and its non-greasy. It doesn’t hurt my eyes when I take off my eye makeup either.

I love this product so darn much!


Lisalady161 from Michigan

There is no better oil cleanser in my opinion. I’ve used it for years and it melts away the makeup without stripping my mature, ultra sensitive skin.

Best oil cleanser I tried


Chelley from Nashville, TN

I use the double cleanse method and this helped removed alot of my blackheads and some of my acne bumps cleared up. I’ve been using it for over a month and my skin is almost clear.

I tried it 5 years ago hated it, now i love it though.


Oily to Dry from WA, USA

Few things about me first, I don’t wear makeup, I have very sensitive and dry skin, and I enjoy hydrating products exclusively. I have intense rosacea that flares up at anything. I tried this cleanser 5 years ago and hated everything about it, I had oily and acne-prone skin then. Since moving to a dry climate, my skin has grown to be very very dry and very very sensitive, none of my old products worked. I wanted to give this a try and I use it now once a day by applying dry to my face and dabbing a wet cloth to remove. It leaves my skin very hydrated for skincare and its one of my favorite products now.

Absolutely love


Kim from Florida

The best! My skin feels so clean and soft after using. I love love love it.

Bad reaction


J from Baltimore, MD

This must work for most folks given the positive reviews, but I had a bad reaction. I developed red bumps shortly after the first use. Used it a second time the next evening because I wasn’t sure what had caused it. The rash intensified with more bumps that eventually looked like blisters. My quest for an oil cleanser continues…

Love the clean feeling


KL from Wisconsin

I am loving this product. I have sensitive skin prone to breakouts from different products. Farmacy balm made me break out – this did not! Also, feel like it rinses off better than Farmacy, leaving a cleaner feeling despite being an oil. Highly recommend and will buy full size next time.

The Best


Pamela from Poughkeepsie, NY

I received a sample from DNC of the Deep Cleansing Oil and was really happy with how fast my eye make dissolved without having to rub hard under my eyes and eye lids to get rid of my mascara. I had been looking for a item that I could use and stop purchasing the make-up remover cleaning clothes, they never took all the mascara off and I would have apply eye make-up remover as well. This is it for me, I use it as soon as I come home from work to remove my face and eye make-up. My skins feels clean and fresh, I never have to rub. I usually only need 1 pump from the dispenser, smooth gently over my face, eyes and eye lids then rinse completely with cool water, followed by washing my with my face cleanser. What a amazing product. I have no irritation, have used this product for over a year now – Will never use anything else.

I am so bummed!!


Peach Kay from Orange County

I’ve used this product faithfully, so I was thrilled to find it here. It didn’t remove my eye makeup like it used to, and I count on it removing mascara. Something has changed. I recommend it if you buy from the DHC website.

Takes off makeup so easily!


Ally from IL

This is the first cleansing oil I’ve ever used and I love it. It takes off makeup so well, just be sure to use a generous amount. This is so much better for the environment than wipes too! I bought the travel size and it’s lasting awhile.

best i’ve ever tried


ktm from new york

i’ve tried so many cleansing oils and none of them compare to this one. i kid you not, this leaves my oily, acne prone skin feeling so soft and hydrated, i have to remember to put moisturizer on. doesn’t strip my skin and feels so nice. it’s an experience everyone should have

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