Dinner in the Sky – enjoy the high cuisine in Brussels

Dining high up into the air is definitely something everyone should try – a true “must do until you die”. And although it has become quite a tradition to enjoy exquisite meals at a few hundred feet into the air, not very many places in the world can make this possible. Among them, Monaco, Sydney, London, Paris, Las Vegas and Dubai offer the best ways to do it. This time, the Dining Event Company, a fabled culinary event specialist, decided to make it possible in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Introducing the event, here’s a small description: the Dinner in the Sky concept was used for the first time in Belgium, in 2004, by a local entrepreneur named David Ghysles. It has been extended to more than 35 different countries, reaching an astounding 1,000 events. Above all, the concept is used for weddings, parties, club parties and all sorts of celebrations as well.

The Dinner in the Sky event is able to pamper in excess of 600 guests, as part of the Brusselicious 2012 food festival, due to last for an entire year. By far the finest event in the festival, the flying restaurant will be lasting from the 4th of June to the 1st of July. It will be raised at around 30 meters into the air, above one of the four key tourist attractions in Brussels.

The restaurant will be placed at each location for 1 week, a total of 7 chefs taking care of the diners, who will enjoy one lunch and 2 dinners. The chefs, coming from Brussels, are: Lionel Rigolet, Patrick Vandecasserie, Luigi Cicirello, Giovanni Bruno, Pascal Devalkeneer, Yves Mattagne and David Martin.

The places where it will be placed are the Royal Palace, from June 4th to the 10th, the Atomium, from June 11th to the 17th, Esplanade of Cinquantenaire, starting June the 18th and ending on the 24th and the Bois de la Cambre, marking the end of the event, from June the 25th and ending on July 1st.

Apart from the Dinner in the Sky, other interesting events in the festival are giant food sculptures made out of, you guessed it, food, chocolate and brussel sprouts, a festive meal on a gourmet train and a tour to find the city’s best hot chips. There’s no need to rush really, because, as we’ve already said, it’ll be lasting for a whole year. Bon appétit!


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