Discover the beauty of Florence at the charming Hotel Brunelleschi

Hotel Brunelleschi

Set in a gorgeous Byzantine Tower called Torre della Pagliazza and overlooking the beautiful Florence Cathedral, Hotel Brunelleschi offers some of one of the most incredible accommodations we’ve laid our eyes on.

Taking its name from the famous architect Filippo Brunelleschi, who also designed the enchanting tower where this hotel is located, this luxury lodge is the perfect starting point for an unforgettable vacation in Florence.

Hotel Brunelleschi

In a city filled with unparalleled beauty, amazing history and culture, this stunning hotel surely doesn’t disappoint, offering a one of a kind experience and mixing a classic look with modern luxuries.

Guests have 96 elegant rooms and suites to choose from, each of them offering breathtaking views of the city since this hotel is merely a few steps away from some of Italy’s most famous shopping places, restaurants and museums.

Hotel Brunelleschi

Hidden within Torre della Pagliazza travelers may find a dreamy restaurant called Santa Elisabetta, where they could enjoy Italian delicacies served up by Chef Giuseppe Bonadonna in this romantic setting.

If you want a casual dining experience, you could also head over to Osteria della Pagliazza and if you just want to have a drink, the hotel also has a small Tower Bar. This is the perfect hotel for your holidays in Italy!

Hotel Brunelleschi

Hotel Brunelleschi also has a nice fitness centre, a private museum and three meeting rooms, which means you can also stay in shape and keep in touch with the real world, while enjoying your stay in the magical Florence. Getting bored here is not an option!

All it’s left to do right now is to pack your bags and get here, either by yourself, or through a travel company like Saga that could take care of everything for you. The fascinating history and beauty of one of Italy’s most amazing cities awaits you!

Hotel Brunelleschi

[Hotel Brunelleschi]

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