Display a Live US Debt Clock on Your WordPress Site

In this election year there are many political blogs that may be interested in displaying a live clock of the US national debt. The US Debt Clock Plugin for WordPress was created by the folks at Rebuild-US.net using information from USDebtClock.org. It gives you a widget you can drop into your sidebar or any widgetized area.

Display options for the US Debt Clock Plugin include:

  • National Debt
  • Debt per Citizen/Taxpayer
  • Federal Spending
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Social Security
  • Defense
  • Federal Pensions
  • US Total Debt
  • Debt per Household
  • Savings per Household

The widget is pictured here and you can also check out a live demo at the Rebuild US site.

This widget would be great for a candidate’s website or informational blog. Download the US Debt Clock Plugin for free from the WordPress plugin repository.