Döttling’s The Fortress is the safest luxury safe in the world

Based in Maichingen, the fabled manufacturer of safes Döttling has recently unveiled The Fortress, which is, according to our  sources, the safest luxury safe in the world.

This massive contraption is reportedly available in the certified security classes of VdS/EN 3 to VdS/EN 5, quite new for such a field. According to Döttling, the machine can be linked to a burglar alarm including a silent alarm function. The safe also comes with tested and certified insurance cover of up to a staggering $1 million – quite a nice addition indeed!

Apart from the storage compartments, this safe also includes 8 watch winders nicely encased within the maximum security section of the machine, each of them individually controlled through specially developed software. The safe also sports a humidor crafted from original Spanish cedar wood, alongside Döttling’s Colosimo two-door safe.

The Fortress, by Döttling, is priced at a whopping $128,800 and features exquisite calfskin upholstery. There is also the option to customize it according to personal tastes, purposes and preferences.


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