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As much as we treasure (read: hoard) our favorite, perfectly packaged skincare products, every so often we get the urge to rummage through our pantry and concoct an epic DIY formula. So, when our skin starts to beg for a new body scrub, we decided to keep our wallets closed and instead consult a few of our favorite dermatologists for their favorite recipes. And, damn, are we glad we did.

“You don’t need to spend a fortune on a packaged scrub that’s full of preservatives when you can make it yourself,” says Dr. Shamban, M.D., dermatologist and co-host of YouTube series The Gist. “The best part about a DIY is that you’re able to customize it to whatever your skin needs at the time, because sometimes your skin is rough and needs to be exfoliated, and sometimes it’s dry and needs extra hydration.”

Ahead, eight of our favorite DIY body scrub recipes, all of which are not only genuinely easy to create (even for complete newbies), but also incredibly effective. Get ready for your new favorite at-home spa treatment.

a diy body scrub

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The Soothing Scrub

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