Enjoy Your Outdoor Snooze with the Best Sleeping Bag Liner


In addition to the reactor extreme version listed above, Sea to Summit also makes a silk travel liner. This liner features silk as well as panels around the seams that allow for stretch. These stretch panels make getting in and out of the liner a bit easier.

This particular liner does not help in extreme temperatures, but reviewers noted it bumps the temperature inside the sleeping bag up just enough to take the edge off a chilly night. Also, the level of comfort was elevated compared to a sleeping bag alone. The stretch panels are well-received by reviewers.

Reviewers also discussed they felt better using the silk liner in sleeping conditions that were less than favorable such as hotels and dorm rooms. It is so easy to travel with, many reviewers are in the habit of taking it whenever they travel.

This liner is ultra-light and compact. It wicks away moisture and dries fast. It is also machine washable, but be sure to avoid fabric softeners. Also, air drying is best.

This particular liner has more than one size, including a traveler version up to double size. The heaviest option comes in at 9 ounces.

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