Explore Myanmar in Complete Luxury aboard Haimark’s R.V. Irrawaddy Explorer

Myanmar is a nation of contrasts, looking to the future, but still steeped in history and the traditional way of doing things – and above all else, a country of breathtaking beauty. Those who want to get up close and personal with this amazing land now have the opportunity to go on a wonderful river cruise on Haimark’s all-suite R.V. Irrawaddy Explorer.

The third vessel of its fleet, the Irrawaddy Explorer can accommodate up to 56 guests as it sails up and down the river that is also her namesake, from the former capital Yangon (Rangoon), to the country’s most picturesque rural areas. The accommodations on board are truly top-notch, so those on board needn’t focus on anything else but the joy of discovery they will undoubtedly be feeling throughout the trip. In addition to the great views from the ship itself, Haimark also organizes excursion onto the shore, allowing travelers to more deeply immerse themselves in the local culture.

The entire adventure lasts 12 unforgettable days, with the cruise aboard the luxurious vessel taking up three quarters of its duration.

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