France’s own Hotel Royal – Evian Resort Is More Than Sweet

Hotel Royal - Evian Resort

Constructed for the express purpose of hosting Edward VII back in the 19th century, Hotel Royal – Evian Resort majestically sits on the south shore of the Lake Geneva, at Evian-les Bains, perched on the snowy mountains above the gleaming blue waters of the lake.

Aside from its luxurious rooms, fine French cuisine and world-famous spa that’s only accessible by funicular, the Hotel Royal – Evian Resort will provide guests with the most incredible views – no matter where they look from. Overlooking Lake Geneva in the French Alps, the Royal hotel offers truly timeless hospitality.

Hotel Royal - Evian Resort

Once you reach the heart of the Alps, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy here, such as golfing in the summer and skiing in the winter. However, if chilling out or tasting exquisite dishes and wines at the hotel’s six restaurants and bars is more like your thing, feel free to do so.

You may also try your luck at the exotically decorated Casino d’Evian’s slots and table games. If all else fails, the famous Spa Evian Source will heal and relax you completely. That’s not particularly difficult within these incredible surroundings, right?

Hotel Royal - Evian Resort<

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