Fresh Off The Line – Louis Vuitton’s new Manhattan Bag

Louis Vuitton Manhattan bag

The Louis Vuitton Manhattan Bag initially came out sometime in 2005, with Uma Thurman rocking the world with a few awe-inspiring shots for the bag’s first advertising campaign. The Manhattan defined the Marc Jacobs era at Louis Vuitton, with extra pouch pockets and oversized slide locks making every lady smile. But how well would this bag fit into 2017 and today’s fashion trends?

That’s exactly what the French luxury fashion house wanted to find out, which is why a fresh rendition of the Manhattan Bag has been unveiled for Fall/Winter 2017.

Louis Vuitton Manhattan bag

Nicolas Ghesquiere and his designers went for a more discreet look, with the bag losing the early glitz in favor of some slim golden buckles. The new design also makes due without the non-functional top strap and the oversized top handle attachments. Instead, the new Manhattan displays two flat top straps in one of several contrasting leather colors, as well as a shoulder strap in the same color.

As such, you get to enjoy a casual and modern-looking bag, the ideal way of keeping in line with today’s trends. As you might have expected, the Manhattan Bag costs a bit more than it did back in 2005, with one of in three trims colors ready to set you back as much as $2,490 via Louis Vuitton.

Louis Vuitton Manhattan bag

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