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We believe home design should be stylish and distinctive. Whether deciding on a wooden and streamlined frame or the exaggerated base of a marble-topped table, a dining table is an element that helps elevate a space, making it personalized to you. Here at Lulu and Georgia, our thoughtfully-curated line of kitchen and dining room tables are perfect for your home, beautifully blending form and function.

Dining tables are perfect for establishing the look of your home décor style and a great reflection of your design aesthetic. Whether used as the centerpiece in a dining room or kitchen, or as one of the focal points in a larger open-concept room, a dinner table anchors your space. To help achieve your vision, we have designed and curated a selection that showcases multiple styles, scales, and materiality options. The versatility of forms and finishes lets you decide between timeless and tailored visual appeal or a bolder, more dynamic look that instantly transforms your room. Plus, the thoughtful materiality and construction of each new tablereassure you of a long-lasting, heirloom-quality piece.

Not sure what style fits your aesthetic and home best when searching for dining tables? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Check out a few tips below on inspiration when browsing, styling tips, and explore our well-curated line of designs.

Consider Your Space

Kitchen and dining room tables can work within different types of spaces. You may be working with a large, open-concept room, a small-space kitchen, or a traditional dining room. So, you will first have to recognize how your dinner table will fit into your space. Are you looking for an expansive furniture piece meant to sit the entire family and host dinner parties with friends and families? Is it meant to be a bistro table placed in an eat-in kitchen? Or, will your table be multifunctional and used as both an eating spot and workstation? When you buy a dining table, keep in mind the other furniture and décor you plan to pair with it. We suggest browsing our dining chairs assortment for inspiration on which pieces complement each other.

Kitchen or Dining Room?

Every home comes in different sizes and shapes, appealing to different lifestyles. As times change, the needs of homeowners continue to evolve and adapt. Many homes are moving away from the traditional design of having a separate dining room and focusing on utilizing an eat-in kitchen area. Smaller homes and apartments may also have the dining room and living room merged into one to serve both functions.

When you have the option for both an eat-in kitchen table and a dining room table, each will need to be able to serve its specific purpose. A kitchen table needs to be sturdy enough to contend with the demands of daily living—kids doing homework, prepping food, and having small meals. Kitchen tables tend to be smaller as they’re generally used only for family meals and come equipped with side chairs instead of armchairs.

Dining room tables tend to have a more elegant air to them. They are designed to host guests and provide ample room to share a meal. These tables are usually more ornate when it comes to finishing touches since the fear of them being damaged is less likely.

Choosing the Right Table

The dinner table serves as the gathering point in most homes. They serve a practical purpose as well as an aesthetic one. Kitchen and dining room tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and designs, setting the mood for your eating space. Choosing a dinner room table is an excellent starting point when pulling together the décor of your room. While the appearance of your table needs to be made with careful consideration, don’t overlook its ability to fit in your space and accommodate the necessary seating.

Choosing a dining or kitchen table is one of the most important decisions you will make when creating your home. So, to help you select the right one for your home, we’ve provided some table buying tips below.

All Shapes and Sizes

Once you know where you will place your table, make sure to confirm the room dimensions before your online search and purchase. If space is at a premium, it’s useful to recognize that dining tables—along with other furniture pieces—can benefit from round or oval shapes. If you have ample room, then a square or rectangle can fill up the area nicely while adding to the amount of usable space.

Round Tables

When working with a compact space, a round table may be the right option for you. A round dining table will usually take up less space than a long dining table. They also make for an excellent choice for kitchens and breakfast nooks. If you’re dealing with limited space, then a round dinner table can be the best solution for you.

Similarly, if you find that you frequently host parties, then you should look into round or oval tables. Furniture without a corner offers more space to maneuver and add additional seating. They also don’t have a head-of-the-table seat, meaning that everyone can evenly participate in the discussion and access the food! Round tables come in a multitude of styles, so even whether you’re decorating a smaller space or a dedicated dining room, you don’t have to sacrifice style for function.

Long Tables

Since the majority of rooms are rectangular, the most common dining room or kitchen tables you’ll come across will fit this mold. Long dining tables work exceedingly well in long rectangular rooms and are ideal for seating more than four people. You can easily add more seats by including a dining bench instead of individual chairs. Having a bench can even free up more room since you can decide on one that can fit snugly under the table after you’ve finished your meal.

Color and Material

If you have already decided on the shape of your dinner table as well as the room it will be situated in, then the next step is selecting the right color (or finish) and material. To help you narrow down the assortment of options before you, imagine what is the look you want to achieve with your color palette and aesthetic.

If you want to incorporate as many natural elements as possible, we suggest searching for a wood dining table. Depending on their finish and construction, they can sit back to almost any home décor style—coastal California, elevated minimalism, or sleek and modern. Plus, if your room has light or white tones throughout the décor, a darker finish allows you to create a contrasting appeal that will set it apart from the rest of the room. Here are some options for your look.

Sleek and Modern

If you want a modern look, Lulu and Georgia curates the best selection of stylish and sleek dining room tables to anchor your space’s design. When creating that modern and sleek aesthetic, we think a key is paring down your finish choices to either darker-toned finishes to give your space an industrial feel or bright white or glass tops for a cleaner, minimalistic approach. Another key is streamlined frames or bases that lend the look of an airy and lighter feel. Finally, to truly complete the look of a chic, modern dining room, complement your dining table with one of our dynamic and sculptural ceiling lights. That will help you create an ambiance suited for good meals and long conversations around the table.

Natural Beauty

Choosing a natural material like wood for your table can create a wide variety of looks. You may opt for a geometrically-shaped tabletop while still maintaining a modern look, or you might select a wood dining table with organic edges designed for rustic appeal.

If you are searching for a wooden dining table that will make your home feel like a rustic retreat, you may lean more towards choosing one in a darker, textural finish. That combination of tactile appeal, rich tones, and organic materiality brings so much charm and warmth to your space. Our bestselling Nera Dining Table complements a blackened oak finish with rounded edges and thick, angled legs.

Trying to design your living space with a more timeless appeal? Go for a streamlined wooden dining table that showcases the woodgrain’s natural beauty while seamlessly sitting well in any space. We love the Temple Dining Table for its beveled edges, subtly tapered legs, and oiled oak finish. Or, choose a black ash-finished tabletop that is paired with a steel frame and accents, to add an industrial touch. Or for a classic, natural look that features a bold update, choose an oversized table with exaggerated, large-scale legs.

Small-Space Dining

We recognize that for a lot of customers, a defined dining space isn’t possible. Whether in apartments with just enough room for a bistro table or if you choose to use a counter-height table and stool seating, we have options that fit your style and space.

For those with an eat-in kitchen or smaller dining room, the Yarissa Round Dining Table features a slim pedestal base, that allows you to easily stow away chairs underneath when not in use. With its natural oak construction and striking wood grain, it adds a tailored look to your small space.

Alfresco Dining and Entertaining

If you enjoy gazing up at the stars while eating dinner outside, then you will need a dining table that can withstand the elements. However, just because you’re choosing between durable and weather-resistant styles, that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort and forward-thinking design.

The size and shape of an alfresco table that works for you are entirely dependent on where it will be placed outside. If you enjoy barbecues out on the deck, then you can embrace the natural surroundings opting for a wooden dining table, or you can choose to create a contrasting look by incorporating an industrial-style material, like concrete. If you want to add a refined look to your patio dining area, then you may want to consider tables that provide a modern look suitable for inside dining, but wouldn’t look out of place in nature with its concrete top.

Just because you’re eating outdoors doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice elegant design. View and shop our outdoor furniture collection to choose a dining set-up that reflects your interior home décor aesthetic.

Curated Designer Collections

At Lulu and Georgia, we’re proud of the company we keep. From up-and-coming makers to celebrated brands, we are excited by the relationships we have cultivated. That means we’ve been able to add to our selection of dining room and kitchen tables with chic styles from different design studios and industry-leading brands, like Morris & Co. and Sun at Six. Brooklyn-based studio Sun at Six creates thoughtfully designed furniture pieces with pared-down silhouettes and inviting wood finishes—like their Crest Dining Table.

Around the Table

As you now know, a dining room table has a significant impact on the atmosphere of the room. You can always choose furniture that matches perfectly to give a keenly tailored look. However, your dining room is one of the areas where you can design freely with few restraints. By choosing to blend designs from multiple sources, you can easily unify them by picking an anchor, like a design style or color choice. For instance, if you are mixing and matching chairs, then try selecting all of the chairs with the same finish or upholstery color, and it will easily tie everything back together. Finish your look with our well-curated line of kitchen and tabletop décor, from ceramic dinnerware and serveware to refined glassware to stylish cutlery.

However, you decide to style it, remember that your dining table allows you the flexibility to showcase your design aesthetic. It allows you a chance to showcase your individuality with little touches of nuanced design. Kitchen and dining room tables are an everyday essential that provide endless function while enriching your home’s style and anchoring the room they are in.

When you shop online for dining room tables at Lulu and Georgia, you’ll find pieces that will define and elevate the style of your dining space. Whether you are looking to find a sculptural table in a glossy finish to make a statement or a streamlined wooden dining table, we have a selection curated by design style, scale, and finish to choose from. Check out our Dining Room Shop by Room page for more ideas on how to create stylish everyday dining spaces.

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