Gizmon iCA Rangefinder Case for the Apple iPhone 4

There are all sorts of choices for iPhone cases available on the market today, from typical, common shapes to weird and rather incredible ones. The Gizmon iCA Rangefinder Case – Military Edition comprises 32 separate parts, all molded from rigid polycarbonate and packs quite a strong look that camera lovers will surely enjoy.

Made for the Apple iPhone 4 series, this is an updated design of the older Gizmon iCA Rangefinder, with upgrades like 100% black, matte appearance, alike the fabled Leica rangefinders used by war photographers during the Second World War. This is where the case gets its “Military Edition” appellation from.

Apart from the change of color, the case is available with a detachable tripod mount, three different lenses – fisheye, macro and wide – and a carrying case, all of them there to aid you in your creative process.

The manufacturer built these for the iPhone 4S and the simple iPhone 4 from Apple. The series of cases are now available for purchase with the Four Corner Store, via Internet.


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