Gold-plated Lamborghini cell phones and tablet for Russia

Along with Lamborghini’s golden Gallardo built for the Chinese market, the Italian supercar maker is now presenting a couple of luxurious gadgets for the Russian luxury lovers. They’re bringing forth a range of exclusive phones and tablets for the largest country in the world, featuring, just like the car, golden looks.

First of all there is the TL688 Spyder phone with boasts with a 3 MP rear camera with video recording, a front facing camera, GPRS/EDGE connectivity, a 2-inch QVGA display and 4 GB of internal memory. The second on the list is the TL820 Spyder 2 mobile phone, which features 1 GB of internal memory expandable up to 16 GB, a 5 MP rear camera and VGA front facing camera, a 1,200 mAh battery and a 2.4-inch VGA display. These phones come both with a leather back cover and hand-made leather body.

The third product of today is the TL700 tablet which runs on Gingerbread – Android 2.3 – technology. This one packs quite a stronger punch, with 4 GB of internal memory, a 1,400 mAh battery, VGA front facing camera and a 5 MP rear camera, and a 3.7-inch display that can work with 800 x 480 pixel resolutions.

The last but not the least is the state of the art, top of the range L2800 tablet, based on Android 2.3. It boasts 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB internal memory, a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm processor and a 9.7-inch display working at a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. We’ve heard that L2800’s software will soon be updated to Android 4.0.

Although we haven’t so far heard anything related to availability, we do have news in terms of prices. The TL688 Spyder phone will cost somewhere between $1,829 and $2,134 (60,000-70,000 ruble), the TL820 Spyder 2 – 80,000 ruble or $2,438, the TL700 – 90,000 ruble or $2,743 and the L2800 will cost somewhere around 75,000 ruble or $2,286.


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