Green Shampoo Is the Hair Hack That Dark Brunettes Must Try

Tone-perfecting products to keep your color looking salon-fresh are more popular than ever: Blondes can gild themselves weekly with violet masks, redheads can add red gloss to boost warmth, and those with warm chocolate-y strands have blue formulas to keep their hue from skewing orange in the weeks post-appointment. But raven-haired beauties and deep, dark, cool brunettes have been left without something to amp up their color—until now. Enter the adult iteration of Nickelodeon Slime: Matrix’s Dark Envy, a new line of green-imbuing formulas.

The trio—shampoo, conditioner, and a mask—are the first of their kind, and were created to kick unwanted warmth from color-treated or virgin hair. So why won’t blue shampoo cut it for keeping cool brunettes cool? The brand’s celebrity colorist George Papanikolas explains the simple theory behind it: “When you think of neutralizing shampoos, you have to look at the color wheel. Going the opposite of the spectrum neutralizes the undesired toner: Blue shampoos neutralize orange, but green shampoos neutralize red tones. If you use a blue shampoo to neutralize orange, or violet to treat yellow tones, you’ll still have red in your hair.”

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