Harry and Meghan’s Archie and Lilibet Love Each Other So Much

We don’t know much about Archie and Lilibet as kids—and for good reason, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle take the privacy of their children incredibly seriously—but from what we do know, they’re turning into great little kids. A source close to the couple, reported by Us Weekly, has shared some sweet details about Archie takes care of his little sister, and they are truly heart-melting.

First, we have this tidbit about how Archie displayed none of the classic “eldest child syndrome” that happens when a new baby comes in. Since day one (or June 4, more specifically), he’s been “kind and loving” and shown none of the “jealousy issues” that sometimes pop up when an only child gets joined by a sibline. The two-year-old apparently “adores” his little sister and, with the help of Mom and Dad, even holds her in his arms and “gives her lots of kisses.”

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