Have A Taste Of The NYC Billionaire Margarita

NYC billionaire margarita

National Margarita Day was celebrated on Feb. 22nd, and The London Bar in New York did not let this fun day slide. Set within the luxurious hotel The London NYC, this select bar has recently come up with a new cocktail made from exclusive Patrón en Lalique Serie 1, a blend of the oldest and rarest Patron tequilas, that’s priced at $7,500 per limited edition bottle.

But before you get all sad that you can’t afford a drink, please note that it will only set you back $1,200 per cocktail. Created by Jayson Goldstein, this fancy cocktail has been called NYC billionaire margarita and will be offered as long as the Patrón en Lalique Serie 1 is available.

NYC billionaire margarita

Let me remind you that only 500 bottles of the magical drink were produced, which means this is a very, very limited-time offer. The good news is that you can actually recreate the cocktail at home, instead of spending the evening at The London.

It seems the recipe is out in the open, which isn’t necessarily good news in my book. To stand behind said statement, I will not reveal it here, as a form of respect and admiration to the man behind this amazing drink; a second reason would be to make you enjoy the atmosphere and amazing decor of The London Bar on your own.

Call me old fashioned, but getting together for cocktails should be a unique experience, that’s not to be tried out at home.

NYC billionaire margarita

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