HBO Max ‘The Flight Attendant’ Cast | Who’s Who In the Series

Being a flight attendant seems like a pretty sweet gig (in non-COVID times, at least): You get to fly all over the world, meet new people, and explore new places—on top of the free flight perks you get to use in your off hours. Here to burst that dreamy bubble, however, is The Flight Attendant, HBO Max’s new darkly comedic mystery series about, yes, a flight attendant who gets swept up not in the jet-setting lifestyle, but in the middle of a murder investigation. To be fair, the aforementioned airline employee was seemingly the last person to see the murder victim alive, was the one to discover his slit throat, and also promptly fled the crime scene without telling anybody about what she woke up to find. Not suspicious at all, Cassie!

The Flight Attendant proceeds to spend its eight episodes diving deeper and deeper into the whodunit, with near-constant twists and reveals. Translation: It’s the perfect mind-bending mystery in which to get fully swept up during that weird limbo period between Christmas and New Year’s. With every episode of season one now available to stream and a second season already on the way, it’s the ideal time to dive in—after getting to know each of the main characters and the famous faces behind them.

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