How Does A Celebratory Champagne Saber Sound?

champagne Saber

Even more importantly… how does it look? St. Regis and Christofle have teamed up on this unique project that will answer both these questions for us, inspired by the great Napoléon Bonaparte. It seems that he used to open Champagne bottles with his saber, declaring “Champagne: In victory, one deserves it; in defeat, one needs it” and that’s how opening a bottle of bubbly with a saber became a tradition.

Inspired by that bold statement, some people still like to uncork a bottle of Champagne in this dramatic way. That’s why the art of sabering continues to be practiced even today, especially at St. Regis hotels, where butlers have been trained to use sabers for unique celebrations.

This is exactly why St. Regis has teamed up with the renowned Parisian silversmith Christofle, to design the amazing St. Regis Champagne Saber.

champagne Saber

The designers from Christofle have penned down this bespoke saber with handcrafted sabers in mind, and the initial design of the lovely St. Regis Hotel in New York. Featuring a sterling-silver handle and a stainless-steel blade, the saber also includes the hotel’s hallmarks, engraved on the handles: 1904, the year it opened; the official St. Regis logo; and “5th 55,” representing the hotel’s address at Fifth Avenue and 55th Street.

Those of you eager to own such a deadly weapon for a champagne bottle will be invited to a hands-on lesson, as St. Regis butlers will show you the proper way to saber a Champagne bottle. Please note that the class will be arranged when purchasing the saber and pricing is only available upon request.

champagne Saber


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