How ‘Perfect Day’ by Hoku From ‘Legally Blonde’ Came to Be

When Hoku (born Hoku Ho) attended the Legally Blonde premiere in 2001, the energy was magnetic. The red carpet was filled with stars on the brink of becoming household names (Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Coolidge) and the 20-year-old singer was about to watch her song, “Perfect Day,” debut in the opening sequence of the film. As soon as Witherspoon’s swaying blonde hair appeared and the song started playing (“Sun’s up / It’s a little after twelve / Make breakfast for myself / Leave the work for someone else”)—cue the hairbrush (“People say / They say that it’s just a phase”) and the french manicure (“They tell me to act my age”) and a glimpse of the Tiffany & Co. bracelet (“Well, I am!”)—the theater erupted in cheers.

Twenty years later, “Perfect Day” lives on as the song that makes us feel like anything is possible. And, in that moment, Hoku believed it too. As she watched the rest of the film with goosebumps, she realized “Perfect Day” aligned with a larger message Legally Blonde was sending to women—that we deserve to be unapologetically ourselves, and when it comes to doing what we want when we want, well, nothing will stand in our way.

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