How Rosehip Oil Got Rid of This Woman’s Acne in Only 3 Weeks

I know, I know—it seems like every week, the internet finds a new magical acne treatment to freak out about. And though, sure, some of them are totally bogus (lookin’ at you, toothpaste spot treatments), others are really, truly excellent, as one acne-prone Reddit user discovered after slathering rosehip oil over her face to treat her zits.

As first spotted by in a post titled, “The wonders rosehip oil has done for my skin after 3 weeks,” user Foureyedlemon shared a before-and-after photo of her skin. On the left is the “before” photo showing the user’s shiny, broken-out skin (which, like, same), and on the right is the user’s noticeably matter, calmer, less acneic skin. The only difference between the two? A three-week-long regimen of rosehip oil.

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“I think the picture really shows just how much this routine helped lessen the oil on my face,” writes Foureyedlemon. “I’ve always had REALLY oily skin and have had bad acne since 6th grade, [and] I’ve never been this clear. Rosehip is such a miracle to me and I was scared it would break me out, but luckily I’m on the other side of the fence!” Magical, right?

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Of course, anyone who deals with acne knows that oil is the last thing you’d theoretically want touching your face, but trust me when I say not all oils are created equal. Some oils can be extra drying (like castor oil), some can be incredibly soothing (like aloe vera oil), and others, like rosehip oil, can be miracle workers for acne, using fatty acids and antioxidants to soothe irritation, fade acne scars, balance out oil production, and keep skin happy overall.

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