How to De-Puff Your Face – Bloated Face Remedies That Work

I love myself a good midnight snack, so it was a huge bummer when my mom would prevent me from eating after hours. She’d give me one of her finger-wagging lectures warning against “ramen face”—a term that Koreans have long used to refer to a puffy, bloated visage—come morning. On the days that I would defiantly cave to my late-night munchies, I soon discovered that her admonition wasn’t an urban myth. Eating any sodium-laden meal would indeed make me look…puffier.

“Eating sodium can cause our bodies to retain water, as it tries to make up for the added salt and even out the tonicity (or concentration) in our system,” says Dr. Anthony Youn, a holistic plastic surgeon in Troy, Michigan. Is it worth sacrificing your looks for a 99-cent meal? As a sodium enthusiast, I advocate yes. Sadly, there’s really no known way to completely prevent bloating when eating delightfully salty fare, but there are ways to counteract the effect and minimize the appearance of fluid retention later. In addition to Dr. Youn, I also called up New York City–based dermatologist Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, to get the best anti-bloating tips right from the experts.

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