How to Do a DIY Pedicure at Home in 4 Easy Steps

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you: I hate feet. I don’t necessarily hate all feet, but mine in particular are easy targets for shaming. In the summer, I wear boots. At home, I wear socks. I don’t even look at open-toe shoe options when I’m shopping. Toes and feet should just stay where they belong: hidden in some stylish chunky sneakers—I’m just sayin’. But every now and then, I have no choice but to expose my pale, dusty piggies to the world. So, since high school, this has been my routine: As one of those outdoor events approaches, go to my local salon and get a pedicure. Leave the pedicure on for as long as humanly possible. When the next beach/pool/feet party comes up, check the state of my toes again. If the polish is still 80 percent there, continue. If not, rinse and repeat.

I’m yearning for that smooth, cared-for feeling a really good pedicure will grant you, but sadly I can’t pop into my local salon right now and ask for their strongest, most-lasting nail polish. I know I’m not the only one. So here we are: Trapped at home with our toes. If you’re not comfortable heading to your local salon, it’s possible to get a professional-looking pedicure without stepping one toe outside. For the best tips and tricks, read on.

Table of Contents

Step #1: Prep Your Feet

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