How to Get Netflix for Free (9 Ways

Netflix is one of the most outstanding streaming services in the world with a vast array of films, series, originals and in-house productions. There is no way to watch any series or movies at the provider without a subscription: Who wants to access the contents, they must have an active subscription. Since Netflix has recently bumped up the cost of membership in many of the countries, today we are going to see how you can get Netflix for free in 2021 by following the 100% working methods. Here’s everything you need to know about the free Netflix.

With the massive range of its exclusive series and films, subscribing to Netflix is very tempting. Most of the Netflix originals can only be seen at the official website or have to be bought separately from Amazon like online stores. “Mindhunter” and “Stranger Things” are excellent examples of the exclusive content that can be found only on Netflix. To see if it’s worth subscribing to, you can first take a trial on the streaming service for a month for free. All you have to do is to follow these steps.

The streaming service offers its customers a total of three subscription plans. These differ in streaming video quality and the number of people who can use the subscription at the same time. The monthly costs for the standard and premium subscriptions are $12.99 and $15.99. While the low-cost, basic subscription costs $8.99. Netflix has been more expensive since April 2019; not everyone can afford on purchasing a subscription. So we wrote this guide to help those people with all the methods to watch netflix for free in 2021.

For all new customers, the streaming service offering the chance to try Netflix free account for first 30 Days (1 month), something beneficial when you want to check whether the available films, TV series or TV shows made your heart full of joyous memories or not

How to Get Free Netflix 2021

Method #1

TechLaCarte Netflix Account Giveaway

TechLaCarte Netflix Account Giveaway

Whether you are looking for watch movies, tv shows, series, documentaries Netflix is the place you can find everything! But, it would be a bummer if you can’t afford their membership. There are often blogs that suggests you try the 30 days trial or use different email and payment method to get more free trials on netflix. But, that shouldn’t be a good solution for it. So we TechLaCarte decided to run an online giveaway contest to giveaway netflix account for those who can’t afford netflix!. We run this giveaway every week, and pick 4 lucky folks as a winners from entrants and email them the netflix account login details. This is an international giveaway, anyone can participate. Spread the word, More support, More winners..

Netflix Account Membership info:

Netflix Plan & Billing page

Important Update!

The Netflix account Giveaway ended at 18 September 2021, Winner names announced!

All winners are requested to claim their Free Netflix Account within 24 hours. Whoever fails to claim the prize within the said time period, we may give it to the waitlist winners!

Please check the Winner Announcement Board to see the list of Netflix giveaway winners.

TechLaCarte Netflix Account Giveaway 2021

Enter to win yourself a Netflix Account with 4 Screen, Ultra HD Premium subscription! Participate now! & win your free Netflix Account.


Win a Netflix Account with Premium Plan!

TechLaCarte ₦etƑⱡᎥӿ A̷ƈƈօu̷ռt̷ Giveaway

Prize Item: Netflix Account – $15.99 Premium Plan/4 Screen/Ultra HD


Terms & Conditions

Contest Ending Date: 25 September, 2021.

Countries Where this Netflix Account can be used watch: This is an international giveaway. It doesn’t matter from which country you came from, Netflix is currently available in more than 180 countries and territories around the world and its expanding day after day. So if you are residing in the country where Netflix is available. You can use our account to access and watch anything on netflix for free.

Additional entries: If you have extra email IDs, you can use them all to make extra entries for yourself. By doing so, you can increase the chance of winning this giveaway. You can also invite your friends to participate in our giveaway contest.

Daily entry: Some of the entry tasks allow you make entries daily. So make sure to visit our website everyday to see if there is a chance to make another entry. The more entries you make, you will have more chance to win.

Winner announcement: Winner name will be announced here in the winner board as soon as the contest ends.

Number of Prizes: (4) Free Netflix Account with $15.99 Premium, 4 Screen, Ultra HD Plan. We randomly pick 4 winner from the participants. And display their name, location on the winner notification board.

To claim your Prize: We usually notify the giveaway winners by sending them a personal email. And also, we display the winners name and their location here in the winner board widget. So, If you see your name in the winners list. You need to claim your prize within 24 hours. In case of failure in claiming your prize, we will pick another winner randomly from the participants and giveaway the account login details.

Winner Announcement Board!

trophyThis Week Giveaway Winners List (Ended at 18 September)
Name Country Status
userPragati Agarwal Asansol, India Emailed
userJoyson Alex Chennai, India Emailed
userMittal Bhadarka Mumbai, India Emailed
userV. Zzz Kolkata, India Emailed
userNandheesan Chennai, India Emailed
userHarshita Jaipur, India Emailed
userPriyanshu Bilaspur, India Emailed
userKarnal Kusape Bengaluru, India Emailed
userInoday Bhardwaj Ghaziabad, India Emailed
userUdhay Ludhiana, India Emailed
userJay Surat, India Emailed
userPrajwal Dongre Pune, India Emailed
userMani Krishna Vijayawada, India Emailed
userAbdullah Hafeez Hyderabad, India Emailed
userManigandan Chennai, India Emailed
userDiv Delhi, India Emailed
userGaurav Bhadana Ludhiana, India Emailed
userAyush Ghatkar Nashik, India Emailed
userOm Yadav Pune, India Emailed
userYash Gelda Jaipur, India Emailed
userRashida Fakhri India Emailed
userNirmal Bengaluru, India Emailed
userArsh Nagpur, India Emailed
userNawang Topgyal Kolkata, India Emailed
userYasin Vadwala Ahmedabad, India Emailed
userLeena Shri Puducherry, India Emailed
userRavi Chauhan Hubli, India Emailed
userHaard Ahmedabad, India Emailed
userRedX Algeria Emailed
userPropro United Arab Emirates Emailed
userSnowy Delhi, India Emailed
userNoor Ayesha Bengaluru, India Emailed
userRanjith Kumar Vijayawada, India Emailed
userMuzammil Surat, India Emailed
userSanya Pandey New Delhi, India Emailed
userHenry Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Emailed
userSrijana Chalaun Kathmandu, Nepal Emailed
userBharath Raju Chennai, India Emailed
userNirmal Kaur Jalandhar, India Emailed
userBernard Antony Ernakulam, India Emailed
userRdx Ranchi, India Emailed
userAnurag Purohit Jaipur, India Emailed
userSanskarika Baddi, India Emailed
userPushpraj New Delhi, India Emailed
userVipin New Delhi, India Emailed
userScarlet Patna, India Emailed
userVishnu Vardhan Hyderabad, India Emailed
userHARISH Chennai, India Emailed
userTanisha Vyas Jaipur, India Emailed
userJeeva Rathnam Chittoor, India Emailed
userVedant Roy New Delhi, India Emailed
userSandesh Blesson Bengaluru, India Emailed
userSej Mangalore, India Emailed
userV I Hyderabad, India Emailed
userReeya Mashkaria Mumbai, India Emailed
userMahmoud Abdi Hyderabad, India Emailed
userMadhan Prakash Mysore, India Emailed
userVaibhav Pandey New Delhi, India Emailed
userSiddh Amar Mumbai, India Emailed
userDev Joravaria Surat, India Emailed
trophyLast Week Giveaway Winners List (Ended at 29 July)
Name Country Status
userCortes Esteban Galati, GL, Romania
userMonbebe Ahgase Jakarta, Indonesia
userAslam Shajath Sri Lanka
userDaniel Cruz Gracia PUE, Mexico
userEmmanuel A NY, USA
userAnmol Lakra BR, India
userMihai Harapu BZ, Romania
userKenth Lloyd Quezon, Philippines
userKornél Kovács PE, Hungary
userShaina Marie Quezon, Philippines
userEnfants Ma Aryanah, Tunisia
userGökçem Gökçe Turkey
userKc Vocal Czechia
userEray Bor Ankara, Turkey
userCamila Fuentes Mexico
userHoàng Nhã HP, Vietnam
userFelicia Surya Jakarta, Indonesia
userClinton Clinty KA, India
userAnna S Manila, Philippines
userNabila Husni Romania
userJephthah Uy Santa Cruz, Philippines
userHayat Altin Turkey
userPrïn Čêssē Tunisia
userPrecious Lc Las Pinas, Philippines
userMika Mikas HN, Vietnam
userOndřej Sobotka Czechia
userAbegail Sydy Davao, Philippines
userFayzully Mora Cebu, Philippines
userErikas Gabris Lithuania
userAmine Hćň Meknes, Morocco
userDia Maria Lebanon
userZhiran Fahmi SU, Iraq
userSıla Özdemirel Kosekoy, Turkey
userAthanas Farsala, Greece
userEscabillas Quezon, Philippines
userAvril Patricio Quezon, Philippines
userChannelai Solis Baguio, Philippines
userSıla Özdemirel Kosekoy, Turkey
userKardo Jamal SU, Iraq
userMarïan Vlad Iasi, Romania
userPatricia Almazan Belgrade, Serbia
userMeriam Tl Casablanca, Morocco
userJharet Celena Lima, Peru
userGörkem Avcı Mugla, Turkey
userRigo Lopez Landa MOR, Mexico
userChems eddine Algiers, Algeria
userPayu Martnok IDF, France
userReetisha Suroop Port Louis, Mauritius
userOmar Srouji BA, Lebanon
userPutri Ghita Jakarta, Indonesia
userQuang Nguyễn HN, Vietnam
userDeniz Eyzey Ankara, Turkey
userAmal Tenson KL, India
userJacqueline Singapore, Singapore
userKalaiarasi Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
userXime Flores CMX, Mexico
userIon Rusnac Republic of Moldova
userBryan stuart Tunisia
userReem Alozaibi Gorinchem, Netherlands
userMumin Houston, TX, USA
userNicole Aqueeny Jakarta, JK, Indonesia
userBình Đỗ Vietnam
userAshim Paudel Nepal
userJohn Anthony Davao City, Philippines
userShan Malaysia
userLucas Danford Queensland, Australia
userTal Lahav NY, USA
userÁron Gaibl Pécs, Hungary
userManshy Yasser Cairo, Egypt
userBünyamin Pusucu Istanbul, Turkey
userNika Peric Indonesia
Ejay Josh
Quezon City, Philippines
userJoydip Datta Romania
userEmirhan Sezer Bursa, Turkey
userSam Tedd France
userMichael Silver NY, USA
userJonathan Casipit Mandaluyong, Philippines
userAdrian Vasut Alba Iulia, AB, Romania
userAlberto Martinez Pachuca, HID, Mexico
userPeh Siew Épalinges, VD, Switzerland
userCassandra Mia Kuching, Malaysia
userAnđela Čović
Osijek, Croatia
userRohan Delhi, DL, India
userIsabella Radaelli Nova Milanese, Italy
userAngelica A Silver Spring, MD, USA
userSkyler Allen Florida, USA
userJorge Salgado Zaragoza, Spain
userNaresh Shoora Rajasthan, India
userMickel Lewis Dubai, United Arab Emirates
userJose eliseo
Arequipa, ARE, Peru
userAndreea Maier
Cluj-Napoca, CJ, Romania
userPaula Fernandez El Ejido, AN, Spain
userRuba Amm Beirut, BA, Lebanon
userGeeta Vijayawada, AP, India
userBodin A Bangkok, Thailand
userChristian Joseph Quezon City, Philippines Failed!
userEizandre Angeles
Angeles City, Philippines Failed!
userjohn magdi Giza, GZ, Egypt
userChloe lency Greenbelt, MD, USA
userFrances Shii Antipona, Philippines
userAiyen Chinyere Dasmarinas, Philippines
userRudra Mumbai, MH, India
userJaro Bovan Palin, Slovakia
userAngelie Salcedo Quezon City, Philippines
userSimida Duma Petro?ani, Romania

Are you wondering with the terms we used? Well, we will tell you What does this means:

Email sent – An email has been sent by techlacarte to the winner, That mentioning that she/he won the giveaway contest and the account is ready to be claimed.  But, We are still awaiting response from the user to start the Prize claiming process.

Claimed – We already got a response from the winner and sent the Netflix account login details.

Failed – The winner has not responded to our email for the past 24 hours. So we’ve selected another winner from the waitlist.

To claim your Account login details, you either contact us through our facebook page or email.

Chat Now! or ✉ Email Now!

September 18 Giveaway waitlist winners!

Waitlist Winners – Waitlist winners aren’t actually the giveaway winners, but we will announce them as a winner. If a giveaway winner fails to claim their Netflix account.

Name Country Status
userSujee Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userRui Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userMarwan Mo Zagazig, Egypt WaitWaitlist
userLeonam Barbosa Volta Redonda, Brazil WaitWaitlist
userTrang Vinh Yen, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userConsuelo Rubis Polangui, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userBach Nguyen Hanoi, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userSayed Zahin Chittagong, Bangladesh WaitWaitlist
userPtince Emmanuel Cebu City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userSweetypie Bacolod City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userKurt John Cagayan de Oro, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userKiều Duy Quan Sau, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userAzzdine Chokair Oujda, Morocco WaitWaitlist
userMohamed New York, United States WaitWaitlist
userVictoria Rey Montevideo, Uruguay WaitWaitlist
userNikiwe Sijaji Mthatha, South Africa WaitWaitlist
userCalvin Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userKarolay Huehuetenango, Guatemala WaitWaitlist
userOmkar Jadhav Mumbai, India WaitWaitlist
userWalter Salazar Santa Marta, Colombia WaitWaitlist
userHaziel Lima, Peru WaitWaitlist
userLouis Alexander Dublin, Ireland WaitWaitlist
userStephanie Itaitinga, Brazil WaitWaitlist
userShader Fox Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userDavid Jonny Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userTaher Zermani Ain Smara, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userPedro Cabral Natal, Brazil WaitWaitlist
user_Sleax_ Izmir, Turkey WaitWaitlist
userImen Brm Souk Ahras, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userBob Khatib Lebanon WaitWaitlist
userMortadha Aouini Ras Ettabia, Tunisia WaitWaitlist
userKeysha Pomay Lipa City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userNibir Guwahati, India WaitWaitlist
userPiyush Kumar Chandigarh, India WaitWaitlist
userPiyush Kumar Chandigarh, India WaitWaitlist
userPiyush Kumar Chandigarh, India WaitWaitlist
userSuresh Kumar Chandigarh, India WaitWaitlist
userPiyush Kumar Chandigarh, India WaitWaitlist
userĐức Thịnh Hanoi, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userEmily Lucy Manaus, Brazil WaitWaitlist
userVivian Nunes Curitiba, Brazil WaitWaitlist
userCrisdee Bergado San Jose del Monte, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userEliane Chavez La Paz, Bolivia WaitWaitlist
userMehdi Casablanca, Morocco WaitWaitlist
userJamyapettie Tulsa, United States WaitWaitlist
userJiya Surrey, Canada WaitWaitlist
userHafiz Malik Johor Bahru, Malaysia WaitWaitlist
userNguyễn Đình Vinh, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userDhruv Thakkar Bhubaneswar, India WaitWaitlist
userKirigaya Kirito Bangladesh WaitWaitlist
userPeter Nguyễn Kon Tum, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userKarina Camelia Bogotá, Colombia WaitWaitlist
userSTEPHANY SILVA Itaitinga, Brazil WaitWaitlist
userAmeer Rabaei Ramallah, Palestine WaitWaitlist
userNathanel Richmond, United States WaitWaitlist
userStiliqn Slavov Utrecht, Netherlands WaitWaitlist
userLangelihle Msom Johannesburg, South Africa WaitWaitlist
userAdri Alfonso Las Toninas, Argentina WaitWaitlist
userOregopotse Maso Pretoria, South Africa WaitWaitlist
userRoman Beccar, Argentina WaitWaitlist
userShemmy London, United Kingdom WaitWaitlist
userSinox Salé, Morocco WaitWaitlist
userCindy Daymiel Singapore, Singapore WaitWaitlist
userNguyễn An Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userMatiparr Harare, Zimbabwe WaitWaitlist
userJovelyn M Cainta, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userJovelyn Urot Cainta, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userShreya Joon Gurgaon, India WaitWaitlist
userBrook Habtamu Atlanta, United States WaitWaitlist
userMØVłɆ / Iraq WaitWaitlist
userTengku Marsha Johor Bahru, Malaysia WaitWaitlist
userDatzing321 Hanoi, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userDương Văn Hanoi, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userChristine Mae Cagayan de Oro, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userPanda Azerbaijan WaitWaitlist
userKenczel Reigne Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userNeng Cagayan de Oro, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAni Kathmandu, Nepal WaitWaitlist
userSea Kathmandu, Nepal WaitWaitlist
userAntoo Las Cabras, Chile WaitWaitlist
userLakshitha K Erode, India WaitWaitlist
userHongthang Haiphong, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userChien Kaohsiung City, Taiwan WaitWaitlist
userChien Kaohsiung City, Taiwan WaitWaitlist
userFiorella Ayelen Mar del Plata, Argentina WaitWaitlist
userRaul Pretell Lima, Peru WaitWaitlist
userAmir Salami Ramallah, Palestine WaitWaitlist
userAbdulla United Arab Emirates WaitWaitlist
userEloisa São Paulo, Brazil WaitWaitlist
userSheeesh Omaha, United States WaitWaitlist
userCheksha Khanna Chandigarh, India WaitWaitlist
userRan Garinson Tétouan, Morocco WaitWaitlist
userWarda Algiers, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userRadu Ionut Sibiu, Romania WaitWaitlist
userZaid Cp Piura, Peru WaitWaitlist
userZaidcp Piura, Peru WaitWaitlist
userZaid Cp Piura, Peru WaitWaitlist
userHafiz Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia WaitWaitlist
userNombre Completo Madrid, Spain WaitWaitlist
userPerro Capitalis Quito, Ecuador WaitWaitlist
userAudrey Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userAudrey Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userHaley Tan Subang Jaya, Malaysia WaitWaitlist
userCHOO JIA Ipoh, Malaysia WaitWaitlist
userBerna Lei Baguio City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userMydoggoisbest B New Delhi, India WaitWaitlist
userBảo Long Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userAmeer Adel Ramallah, Palestine WaitWaitlist
userJoyce Desiderio Macao, Macao WaitWaitlist
userAnaresa Maquipo Philippines WaitWaitlist
userमहेश ?? Delhi, India WaitWaitlist
userLUU TUNG Bac Ninh, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userHoney Omar Leeds, United Kingdom WaitWaitlist
userBob India WaitWaitlist
userAkhil Akbari Vadodara, India WaitWaitlist
userSilviya Nikolov Hotnitsa, Bulgaria WaitWaitlist
userDia Luna Naga, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userGilliane Pereyr Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userWanyi Fu Singapore, Singapore WaitWaitlist
userYadu Poudel Harrisburg, United States WaitWaitlist
userJohn Alfred Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userJenna Leigh Fowlerville, United States WaitWaitlist
userTupu Salta, Argentina WaitWaitlist
userTrần Ngọc Long Xuyen, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userTu Ta Hanoi, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userAdriana Correa Panama City, Panama WaitWaitlist
userMarina Petrucci Curitiba, Brazil WaitWaitlist
userNguyễn Minh Haiphong, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userNguyễn Như Vinh, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userFatima Ezzahra Casablanca, Morocco WaitWaitlist
userGeorgia Glacken Hawthorn, Australia WaitWaitlist
userAbderahmane Oran, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userAhmed Bader Cairo, Egypt WaitWaitlist
userMed Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userEmirhan Acar Vienna, Austria WaitWaitlist
userTeodor Sofia, Bulgaria WaitWaitlist
userAbdel Hamid Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userVitoria Viseu, Portugal WaitWaitlist
userCarlymiddlemas Sunderland, United Kingdom WaitWaitlist
userYoonMin NamJin San Manuel, Honduras WaitWaitlist
userStigmavs San Manuel, Honduras WaitWaitlist
userOussama Ola Hassi Messaoud, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userJunior Khumalo Durban, South Africa WaitWaitlist
userChigozie Ogbu Pretoria, South Africa WaitWaitlist
userPauline Noroña Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userTAOUFIK ABDERZA Marrakesh, Morocco WaitWaitlist
userNore Davao City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userRhay Sao Goncalo, Brazil WaitWaitlist
userKhairo Gene Paranaque City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userNadjib Mohammed Oran, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userDeea Constanța, Romania WaitWaitlist
userNguyễn Đức Trieu Phong, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userCeline Eduarda Curitiba, Brazil WaitWaitlist
userFarouk Batna City, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userGrow Anne Central, Hong Kong WaitWaitlist
userShristi Tomar Panipat, India WaitWaitlist
userAnh Hoàng Chau Thanh, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userAnne Kristel Oyama, Japan WaitWaitlist
userJoyce Ann Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userOzsui Gupta Kathmandu, Nepal WaitWaitlist
userRashid Nondo Dayton, United States WaitWaitlist
userConsuelabananahammock Ethiopia WaitWaitlist
userBlbl Cairo, Egypt WaitWaitlist
userAmira Santos Malolos, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userRaouf Algiers, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userDavid Romano San Miguel, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userKrizia Savai Nairobi, Kenya WaitWaitlist
userSivasuryaa Salem, India WaitWaitlist
userDown Below Albany, United States WaitWaitlist
userLord Miranda do Corvo, Portugal WaitWaitlist
userZeynep Bos Ankara, Turkey WaitWaitlist
userImOffline Bangladesh WaitWaitlist
userFahad Bangladesh WaitWaitlist
userKirito Bangladesh WaitWaitlist
userTomal Bangladesh WaitWaitlist
userItzTomal Bangladesh WaitWaitlist
userSonia Shahi Kathmandu, Nepal WaitWaitlist
userRhundei Zen Pasig, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userIrsha Shahidan Johor Bahru, Malaysia WaitWaitlist
userNguyen Cong Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userCam Tu Hanoi, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userSheena Legaspi Davao City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAlok Shrestha Kathmandu, Nepal WaitWaitlist
userRuijie Teng Singapore, Singapore WaitWaitlist
userRui Bautista Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAlyssa Sedurant Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userHui Yin Butterworth, Malaysia WaitWaitlist
userThinley Norbu Punakha, Bhutan WaitWaitlist
userUmair Rawalpindi, Pakistan WaitWaitlist
userAlodia Alipe Tuguegarao City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userKian Castillo Tanauan, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAeron Palileo Tanza, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userMohammad Gaming Lebanon WaitWaitlist
userSajal Neupane Shibuya, Japan WaitWaitlist
userMesuli Cape Town, South Africa WaitWaitlist
userRysa Guevarra Paranaque City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userMarco Costa Guimarães, Portugal WaitWaitlist
userLahini Balasoor Colombo, Sri Lanka WaitWaitlist
userAnurag Pandey Lucknow, India WaitWaitlist
userHUh Constantine, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userMonse Mérida, Mexico WaitWaitlist
userEvin Ha Duhok, Iraq WaitWaitlist
userShiela Mae Malolos, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userLenin Khosa Pretoria, South Africa WaitWaitlist
userKezia Celayne Bacolod City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userFarouk Algeria WaitWaitlist
userKeval Gala Mumbai, India WaitWaitlist
userVasanth Hyderabad, India WaitWaitlist
userAlexus Baldos Malolos, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userBench Venturina Caloocan City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAmit Singh Aligarh, India WaitWaitlist
userAndrea Mauricio Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAtanaska Ilieva Asenovgrad, Bulgaria WaitWaitlist
userRahul Santa Clara, United States WaitWaitlist
userRosalin Laghouat, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userAlice Hatter Bengaluru, India WaitWaitlist
userRodio Bengaluru, India WaitWaitlist
userNguyen Huynh Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userJun Jun Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userAnnalou Lingcon Bagacay, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAraceli Heaven Kathmandu, Nepal WaitWaitlist
userKeane Dela Quezon City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userCine Binan, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userPham Vo Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userRalph Elly Cagayan de Oro, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userNexxus Baladad Carmona, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userGia Nguyen Hau Giang, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userRochelle Narcis Valenzuela, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userMiguel Angel Delegacion Cuajimalpa de Morelos, Mexico WaitWaitlist
userLily Johnson Pryor, United States WaitWaitlist
userJann Romar Magsaysay, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userNguyễn Phan Hanoi, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userKhalil Bouderaa New York, United States WaitWaitlist
userDiego Lima, Peru WaitWaitlist
userMj Canon Cagayan de Oro, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAyoub.bouali_t.r.a.d Algiers, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userYves Naga, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userIman Gul Karachi, Pakistan WaitWaitlist
userMarilyn Joseph Guatemala City, Guatemala WaitWaitlist
userPayu Martnok Paris, France WaitWaitlist
userErik Kathmandu, Nepal WaitWaitlist
userRhealyn Pangili Angeles City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userMarie Neyla Algiers, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userMayank New Delhi, India WaitWaitlist
userTrịnh Võ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userKskskksksks Angeles City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userIlias Casablanca, Morocco WaitWaitlist
userDudduedd Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine WaitWaitlist
userA. A Naga, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAndrea Naga, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userHamza Fes, Morocco WaitWaitlist
userAbdou_Tl213 Oran, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userTadj Chine Constantine, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userĐang Huy Yen Bai, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userJellie Ann Iloilo City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userLina Kim Thanh Hóa, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userShruti Upadhyay Lucknow, India WaitWaitlist
userHồng Lâm Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userLoh Bengaluru, India WaitWaitlist
userAries San Jose del Monte, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userLei Carmel Bacoor, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAsekho Dalibung Cape Town, South Africa WaitWaitlist
userAliyarb Iraq WaitWaitlist
userSaphire Rosal Bacoor, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userJohn Torralba Munich, Germany WaitWaitlist
userWelmar Estebe Bacolod City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userElisa Gasparro Trento, Italy WaitWaitlist
userTrịnh Đình Hanoi, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userKwati Danny Cameroon WaitWaitlist
userTz4 Durban, South Africa WaitWaitlist
userZadeish Allwood Parish of Saint Ann, Jamaica WaitWaitlist
userCatherine Kaye Bacoor, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userTruong Thanh Hanoi, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userMARY ROSE Manila, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userEsimisan Oniyeb Nigeria WaitWaitlist
userNguyen Tat Hanoi, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userJoudmohannad Amman, Jordan WaitWaitlist
userMayank Delhi, India WaitWaitlist
userInsyirah Wan Shah Alam, Malaysia WaitWaitlist
userKhie Kristine Cebu City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userISHANT KUMAR Tiruchi, India WaitWaitlist
userVictoria Rincó Maracaibo, Venezuela WaitWaitlist
userChetan Joshi Jaipur, India WaitWaitlist
userKhôi Nguyên Da Lat, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userJam Noreen Bacolod City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userHoang Bach Bac Lieu, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userLiane Chelsi General Trias, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userNelriane Manaus, Brazil WaitWaitlist
userFroilan Odasco Tarlac City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAILA NAZURA Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia WaitWaitlist
userNoralei Magana Naga, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userNoralei Magana Naga, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userReyner Daga Cabanatuan City, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userItalia San José del Cabo, Mexico WaitWaitlist
userRayan Birkhadem, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userHan Nguyen Long Khanh, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userGuadalupe Lòpe Zamora, Mexico WaitWaitlist
userBoufenouche Kouba, Algeria WaitWaitlist
userNguyễn Huy Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userZuriñe Cabrera Alcazar de San Juan, Spain WaitWaitlist
userAdam Fes, Morocco WaitWaitlist
userMirella Pasadena, United States WaitWaitlist
userNtozakhe Pretoria, South Africa WaitWaitlist
userDUONG Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam WaitWaitlist
userAlexus Baldos Malolos, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userMiracle Concepc Calamba, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAlexus S. Malolos, Philippines WaitWaitlist
userAmine Béchar, Algeria WaitWaitlist
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What happens, When the winner is not claiming their account?

We will wait for a winner to claim their account for the maximum of 24 hours, In case of we haven’t heard anything back from them within 1 day, We will put the winner name on the hold. Depends on number people fails to claim their account. We will have free slots available in our account. To fulfill this, We’ll re-pick the winners from the waiting list and email them the Netflix account login details.

In case if the person who won the giveaway contest and on hold state replies to our email after a few days to claim the account. Then we will revoke access to the any of the one winner come from waiting list to make a free slot on the account and giveaway the login details to the hold state winner.

Next Giveaway: We will run this giveaway contest every week. Next giveaway starts on 26 September 2021.

If you already a winner of the past giveaway, You can still participate in our future giveaways. There are no limitations or restrictions applied when making multiple entries and participate on the future contests .

Method #2

Signing up for Netflix 30 Days free trial

The streaming service offers a free and flexible 30-day Netflix trial membership. During this period, you will have access to all Netflix content like the paid subscriber, and you’ll be able to watch unlimited movies and TV shows like Stranger Things, Dark, Black Mirror, Riverdale or Orange is the New Black. Before the end of the one month trial period, you have the option to change the subscription plan again or cancel altogether. You do not need to worry about hidden costs; your card won’t get charged even 0.01 cent. You just have to follow these steps to watch Netflix for free one month. And even though we have a working trick to get a free trial for multiple times, we will be talking about that in the next methods. For now, we will deal with the Sign Up process.

1.) At the very first place, of course, you have to go to the Netflix website:

2.) Click on the red button labeled “Try 30 Days Free“.

Netflix 30 Day trial

3.) Now you will taken to the page where you will see the informations about the free trial and its conditions. To proceed to next step click on “SEE THE PLANS” button.

Netflix 1 MONTH trial

4.) Now you can choose one of the three offered subscription packages. Since you do not have to pay a single penny for the first month anyway, you can use the premium plan to take control over all of the premium features for your conscience.

Netflix Subscription Plans

The most important thing to keep in mind, the premium subscription cost $15.99 per month after the end of the trial month (30 days) their one-month calculations are as from the date of when the trial was activated at first. So you have to cancel your subscription before the trial period ends. Depending on your circumstances if your mind was changed, you can change the subscription package afterwards and choose a cheaper one, as soon as costs arise for you. Of course, you also have the option to cancel the subscription at the time you want to give up on Netflix, and you can come back to that later if you like.

5.) Now you have to enter your e-mail address (that not used on Netflix before) and a password of your choice & Click “Continue” button. Remember these data or save them directly from your browser, as you will need to log in to your Netflix account using the e-mail and password in the future.

Netflix sign up free

6.) Finally, you have to enter your payment details. Don’t worry; these can only be used if you do not cancel the subscription in time before the end of the free month. You can choose your preferred payment method between credit card, debit card, PayPal and gift cards.

Netflix Payment methods

In many countries, Netflix supports PayPal and Gift cards in the payment options. So If you are looking to get Netflix for free without a credit card, then this could be the best option for you.

Start Membership Netflix

7.) Once you have completed all these steps, you can use Netflix free for a month in 2019. The subscription is entirely available to you at this time and without any restrictions – unless you have chosen the basic package.

Do not forget to Cancel Netflix Trial before it ends!

The cancellation of the free month is something that can be simply done. It’s not rocket science. Netflix makes it really easy for you and offers you the possibility to deactivate the trial month immediately after signing up and can still try the offer for 30 days completely free! So if you had just started using the Netflix trial, you can cancel your subscription anytime (within 30 days) and you are still allowed to watch netflix for free until the trial month finises.

To do this,

1.) Log in to your Netflix account.

2.) Click on “your name” in the upper right corner and select the sub-item “Account”.

3.) To the left of your e-mail address, you will find the button “Cancel Membership” which you have to click on.

4.) Finally, you have to confirm your cancellation of the subscription. That’s it. You have just successfully ended up your subscription with Netflix.

After the cancellation, you can reactivate your account at any time if required.

If you are satisfied with the offer of this VoD service, then you can find all the information about How much does Netflix costs and contents of the three available subscriptions.

Netflix has three types of subscription plans as of September 2021:

Plan Price Screens Resolution
Basic $8.99 1 (Max users) SD
Standard $12.99 2 (Max users) HD
Premium $15.99 4 (Max users) HD, Ultra HD 4K
Basic Plan:

for $8.99 / month, access to all the contents in Standard definition video quality without HD / UltraHD video resolutions. And only one simultaneous playback (on PC, TV, smartphone or tablet) allowed. This plan also allows you to download the movies on a phone or tablet.

Standard Plan:

for $12.99 / month, with HD content (without UltraHD) and two devices can simultaneously watch Netflix.

Premium Plan:

for $15.99 / month, with HD content, UltraHD and supports up to 4 simultaneous devices.

Method #3

How to Get Unlimited Trials on Netflix 2021

Generally, to the users who are joining on Netflix for the first time, the site offers a free trial for one month. This is how the trial system is designed to work. That’s what we have seen in our first method. The truth is it’s really possible to get Netflix trial more than one time and even have chances to get unlimited free trials depending on your circumstances.

Netflix trial system identifies the new users through the billing details they entered and the E-mail address they used to sign up. So when you wanted to get the second trial on Netflix, while you are signing up. You should have to use different billing method and the email address that you are not used to sign up with Netflix before. So be sure you must go with the various payment methods whenever taking another trial.

If you have a credit card, debit card, PayPal account, then you are eligible for three trials. Moreover, if you have accounts on different banks, you can take advantage of it. Having several credit cards and debit cards are good to go. You can simply use your cards one by one as soon as the current trial finishes. Netflix won’t know that you are the same person tricking them by having multiple trials.

So, if you’re in a hurry to watch Netflix and having different payment method and e-mail ready, then you can sign up for Netflix free trial right now. To do this simply follow the steps we showed in the method #1. And don’t forget to cancel your subscription as you will be charged for the next month if you didn’t cancel it so.

Method #4

How to Get the Second trial on Netflix using the same Credit card

Do you want to enjoy free month of Netflix again? It’s possible to get Netflix 30 day free trial on the same credit card/debit card/PayPal, but we can’t make promises that this method will work for everyone and this even take up to 1 or 2 months to come up. If you are don’t care about waiting for a long time, then go with this method.

To all the users who cancelled their Netflix subscription at the trial period and left for a month or more, sometimes Netflix randomly sends e-mails to the users and asks them if they want an additional 30-day trial to see if the user would like to subscribe after watching new movies and series. Generally this will happen likely after 2 to 3 months.

trial on Netflix using the same Credit card

So if you receive an e-mail from Netflix about Netflix free month trial, you can activate your second trial by simply following the link they provided in the e-mail. And confirm the renewal of your free trial on the next page.

You can use now enjoy another Netflix trial on your preferred device. And also for this time don’t forget to cancel your subscription before the trial ends.
Method #5

Talk to Netflix Hotline and ask them to extend your trial

Why you even wait for a long time to get additional free trial invitation e-mail from Netflix? When you have a way to directly ask them to extend your free trial for more than 30 days. Also for this method we can’t assure that it does work for you 100%, but have chances if you are lucky enough.

When you’re about to reach the expiration of your trial period, just call Netflix’s hotline and talk to their customer service executive, tell them you have not make the most of the trial, because you got busy with work and didn’t get the time to watch.

That’s basically it! And if you are in luck, they will give you another one month trial for free.

You can reach netflix customer support through call or chat:

Call Now! or ✉ Chat Now!

Special Tip!

Get free netflix forever using our 100% working modified version of netflix app. If you have an android device you are eligible for use this app. You can download and install the Netflix mod apk on your android phone and watch Netflix without sign in. No account required and free to use forever!.

Method #6

Netflix Cookies Today

Have you ever heard about the thing called browser cookies? If you don’t know here is the answer; Cookies are kind of files created by a website that consists the data about you such as login records. To simply say, this is the way that used by websites around the world to authenticate and identify the user and auto sign in to the website that you’ve previously signed in, A good example is, facebook. Once you logged in your account the cookies will store your data in your browser locally and it will be used to auto verify whenever you entering their website again. There are some browser extensions that allowing to transfer browser cookies from one to another with anyone in the world.

Like what i’ve said about facebook, Netflix cookies also working on the same concept. The owner of the Netflix account could be anyone or anywhere from the world. it doesn’t a matter but, if they do share their netflix cookies, anyone who is copying the cookie to their browser can instantly get logged into netflix on that person’s account without entering the username and password. And you should then be able to watch anything on netflix for free as your wish.

However, you need to be careful when using this method. Many of the blogs on the web are claiming themselves giving netflix cookies for free. Most of them do not work, i have personally tested the cookies shared by the blogs that are came up in the top results on google search in “Netflix cookies 2021” search term. If you are patience enough to try each every result to see your luck then go for it.

Another downside of using the netflix cookies is that, Netflix won’t support playbacks on more than 4 screens at the same time. So, if the cookie is already got used by 4 people and they are currently watching something on netflix, then you won’t be able to play anything there. All you can do is wait and check back on a later time whether you are able to play the contents.

If you really need a cookie that works today? you can grab it from our blog. In techlacarte we regularly share updated Netflix account cookies.

Get Netflix Cookies

Method #7

Netflix Account Sharing

Unlike Spotify, there is no discount for students or families when using Netflix. But, you can save money by sharing a Netflix account username and password with your family and close friends. For example, a premium subscription can be used by four people at the same time, and the Standard subscription can be used by two people at the same time too. So if you purchase the Standard or Premium subscription, you can share the expenses by sharing with friends or family.

On Netflix, you will have the option to create a profile for each member of the family. Netflix uses this feature to personalise your favorite series, the genres depending on the user liking. You can create five profiles as the maximum.

Below are the steps on how to create a profile for individuals who you are going to share a Netflix account.

  • At first, go to and login to your account.
  • Select your “Account icon“, located at the top right corner.
  • Select “Manage Profiles“.
  • Select “Add Profile“.
  • Give a name for the new profile, and select “CONTINUE“.
  • And then Select “DONE“.

You can’t create separate passwords for each profile. The new profiles also going to sign in using the same e-mail and password, when someone is login Netlifx will ask who is watching. And show the list of profiles that assigned to your account. The user has to select their profile to begin watching Netflix. Since you need to share your login details, only do it with your family, friends or someone you trust.

Method #8

Get a Free Netflix account / Netflix Account Generator 2021

If you go in depth of the internet, you can also get free stuff, but this will all depend on your luck because people love to have free stuff. There is a huge chunk of people who are seeking for free Netflix accounts on web, and many of the blogs were sharing Netflix accounts login e-mail and password openly. We are sorry to break your heart because those accounts will never work because usually people change the password once they get the account and enjoys using Netflix as it is still active.

And the so-called Netflix account generator, Netflix cookies, hack tools and some blogs on web calming their self they will give you a free Netflix account or tell you about make a Netflix account without a credit card if you complete their Human verification system. To simply say all about these kind of information circulates on the internet are 100% scam, if you saw such websites without a doubt go back and do your work, Don’t waste your time on doing a survey to unlock your free account.

Below are the working login e-mail and password of Netflix premium Account, you can try this Accounts:

Special Tip!

Do you love listen music on spotify? but, felt frustrated of the Ads loop between the songs and not able to use some of the features in the spotify app? well you are not alone, every users who are using spotify free accounts they are forced to listen things with some of the limitations. It’s time to upgrade your account for free, Did you know? you can use spotify premium for free by downloading Spotify premium app on your phone or by using Free Spotify Premium Accounts.

Method #9

Group Buy Netflix for a cheaper price

Group buying Netflix will surely help you to save some money and making the possibility to get premium subscription for as low as $4. We will tell you how this group buy is going to work. Since Netflix does not offer any discounts on the cost of the subscription, you can always take advantage of its sharing feature as we said earlier. But, what happens if your scenario is, you don’t have friends who are watching Netflix? How you will share Netflix account and its expenses? It will be a dead end to your Netflix life? No not at all, this is where the Group Buy tools will come in handy.

Group buy tools are connecting the people together who are looking for a hand to share the expenses on buying digital stuffs. On the internet, there are dozens of websites available for group buying Netflix, depending on your region. You can find those websites by doing a simple Google search “Netflix Group buy”, now you will see many of the web pages that are offering this. We are not recommending any of the sites in this category, because it’s subject to availability is depending on your country.

You must be careful about choosing a website. Because many of the fraudulent websites also come up within the search results. Before you pay, it’s always good to check the customer reviews about the seller’s account and website on quora and reddit like discussion sites.

We sincerely hope this article help you with get a Netflix account for free. So what are you waiting for? Download Netflix app for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and consoles like PS4 or Xbox One. On PC and Mac you can watch the Netflix website via the browser. Enjoy watching your favorite movies and series for free on Netflix. To read more articles like how to get Netflix for free forever! we recommend you to go through our Tips & tricks section. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends through your social media profiles.

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