How to Make $200 in One Day [Ultimate 2022 Guide]

Making $200 in one day might seem hard at first, but it’s easier than you might think. By combining several ways of making money, you can easily build up to $200 in the next 24 hours.

From cleaning homes to walking dogs, keep reading to learn how to make $200 in one day!

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How to Make $200 in One Day Online

If you need money fast and you’d rather not leave the comfort of your home, making money online is the best option. There are several ways you could make $200 or more online in less than one day. Take a look at some of these options!

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Take Online Surveys

While taking surveys are not the quickest way to make $200, it’s still a great option to boost your earnings and perfect to complete while doing other jobs. There are many different options to take surveys online with some offering better pay than others.

You can expect to be paid based on the length of the survey and the number of surveys you complete. Some surveys can pay more than $50. Here are some of my favorite survey websites:

Start a Blog to Make Money Online

Starting a blog is not the quickest way to make money, but once you’ve established a strong foundation, you can start making $200 a day or more. 

Starting a blog will cost less than $100 to get started for most and has the potential to bring in thousands of dollars each month. There are many types of blogs you can start to make money online – from personal finances, to gardening, there’s sure to be a niche that suits your interests.

Blogs make money through various ways – displaying ads, using affiliate marketing, or selling digital products are all options. 

The best affiliate marketers will choose products and companies that are related to their audience. For example, if your connections are passionate about health and fitness, you might partner with a company that offers supplements or vitamins to maximize your earnings.

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Create an Etsy Store to Profit

Creating an Etsy store to sell things online is a perfect way to make money online. You can get up and running in less than a day and there are thousands of things you can sell to make money. 

Etsy is known for crafts with many of the top selling accounts offering items like jewelry, party decor, printable, and more.

The amount of money you can make selling on Etsy is almost limitless, making it a great way to make $200 fast. 

Flip Domain Names to Make $200+

Flipping domain names can be a lucrative side hustle to make money online. All it takes is one successful domain name flip to make several hundred (if not thousand!) dollars. Best of all, this can be completed within a day.

To start flipping domains, you’ll need to purchase a domain name that you think can sell for much more. Try to find domains that are shorter and end with “.com” as these have the best chance of selling for a profit. Once you acquire the domain, you can list it for sale on websites like Flippa for more than you paid. It might take some time to become experienced at domain flipping but it is well worth it. 

If you want to learn more, check out my guide to domain name flipping or check out how to flip websites to make money.

Register for a New Bank Account or Credit Card

Many banks and credit cards offer sign up bonuses amounting to $200 or more just for becoming a new customer. You can browse through various bank accounts and credit card offers to find the best deal for you. 

This is the quickest and easiest way to make $200 in one day.

How to Make $200 in One Day Working 

No matter your need for $200, here are some of my favorite ways to make $200 in one day or less.

Search the Home for Money

There’s a good chance you have anywhere from $5 to $25 (or more!) laying around the home in the form of loose change and floating dollar bills.

Pull the cushions out of your couch and chair and start searching. Another good spot to check… The laundry room or inside your vehicle!

This is an easy way to get started and you’ll probably be surprised by how much money you might find.

Sell Items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

You probably have many items around the home that haven’t been used in years. List these items on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to see how much you can get for them.

You’ll need to be capable of meeting your potential buyer or feel comfortable giving them your location but depending on the product, you might be able to make a couple of hundred dollars just by selling a few items.

Some of the best items to consider selling are:

  • Old DVDs, VHS Tapes, or Blu-ray discs
  • Small kitchen appliances
  • Antiques
  • Children’s toys
  • Clothes
  • Shoes

Mow the Neighbor’s Yard

You can expect to earn anywhere from $20 to $50 just for spending an hour or two mowing your neighbor’s lawn. If you have the equipment, this offers a great opportunity to make money. Pricing depends on the size of the yard and the number of obstacles but you can expect to earn more than $20 for your labor.

You’ll need a few items to get started including the mower itself, a trimmer, and potentially a blower to remove any unwanted clippings from the driveway, street, and sidewalk.

You can also help with other landscaping projects such as mulching or weeding gardens to earn additional cash. These projects are often paid hourly assuming that the homeowner provides the materials. You can charge anywhere from $15 to $30 per hour for your labor, making it a great option to make money.

Complete Odd Jobs on Craigslist

Craigslist can be a treasure trove of ways to make money when browsing the “Gigs” section. There are all types of ways you can make money from hauling junk to pet sitting, some of which will pay more than $200 for a day of work.

Detail Cars

Similar to landscaping, detailing cars can provide a unique way to earn anywhere from $25 to $75 for a couple of hours’ time.

You can offer your services to your neighbors or family via social media or local classifieds.

The supplies needed to start are relatively inexpensive and there’s a good chance you already have them. For the basics, you’ll need a few rags, car wash soap, interior cleaners, and a water supply.

Make Money Cleaning Homes

Clean Homes

Cleaning homes is a great way to earn some extra cash on your way to making $200 in one day.

You can offer your services to friends and family on your social media networks to get started.

House cleaning is typically charged at an hourly rate ranging from $10 to $25 per hour. You’ll need a few simple cleaning supplies, a vacuum, mop, and some rags to get started. The chances are, you can find these items in your current home.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

If you’ve already been through the verification process, driving for a ride-hailing service can be an easy way to make $200 in a day. You’ll most likely have to drive for 10+ hours, but it can be done.

By offering top-notch service, you can make even more money. Drivers in some of the top cities have reported making over $20 per hour driving, meaning you could drive roughly 10 hours to reach your goal of $200. Some of the best tips to maximize your earnings are detailed below.

  • Offer water or other refreshments to your guests
  • Offer various charging cable for guests to charge their devices
  • Drive courteously – leave the road rage at home!
  • Be friendly

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Become a Food Delivery Driver

While the demand for food delivery services exploding, this can be a great way to profit and make money in your free time. Driving for apps like Doordash, Postmates, Grubhub, or Uber Eats can be a great way to make money in one day. 

The pay varies depending on your region, but you should be capable of making upwards of $20 per hour for those who are fast and reliable. By signing up for several food delivery platforms, you can ensure you have a full day of work, giving you the most time to make $200.

Delivery Groceries to Make Money

Similar to driving for rideshare companies or working for food delivery apps, you can also make money delivering groceries in your free time. By visiting grocery stores and delivering groceries directly to a customers doorstep you can make around $15 to $20 per hour with websites like Instacart.

Just dedicate a few hours and you might be capable of making $100 in less than one day. 

Become a Freelancer

If you have a unique skill set, consider offering your services on freelancing websites like Upwork or Fiverr. They offer many different gigs depending on your skills. From web development to graphic design, or even copywriting, there are thousands of gigs available at any one moment.

The steps are pretty simple to start getting freelance work.

1. Register your account

You’ll need to provide your personal information in order to complete work on these websites.

2. Browse job postings

Those looking for freelancers will post their jobs across the website. You can browse by category, ratings, or dollar amount of the work.

3. Submit a proposal

Once you’ve found a job that suits your skills, you can submit a proposal for the work. You’ll need to include your rate, when it can be completed, and details about your prior experience. It’s wise to complete all sections of the proposal to maximize your chances of landing a job.

4. Complete the work

If your offer is accepted, your next step is to complete the work. You should aim to provide the best work possible, increasing your chances of landing a positive review. These reviews will help you to land more gigs in the future.

5. Get paid

If the job poster is happy with the work you provided, they will pay you.

Freelancing is one of my favorite ways to make $200 fast because of the quick turnaround time and high pay. 

Donating blood is an easy way to earn money without doing anything other than lying down. It can take anywhere from an hour to two hours.

You’ll need to ensure you are a good candidate to donate. You can make anywhere from $25 to $50 for each donation with a maximum of once per week. If you have the time and can deal with a simple prick, this is a great option to make money.

Change Oil in Vehicles

If you have the skills, consider offering to change the oil in your friends’ or families’ vehicles for a small fee. You’ll need to purchase the oil and filter (if needed) to complete the job, but you can still net anywhere from $30 to $70 once completed. Be sure to price the cost of materials before giving a quote to ensure you will be profitable.

For those who are experienced with car engines and changing oil, it could take you less than an hour to complete the job.

You can consider posting your services on social media or websites like NextDoor to find locals in need of your services.

BONUS: Do they need a new air filter? This is a great opportunity to make even more money.

Sell Stock Photos Online to Make $200 in One Day

Selling stock photos is an excellent way to build your passive income online. To get started, you’ll need to purchase a digital camera and photo editing software. You’ll want to practice taking a variety of photos to find your niche. 

There are many types of photography including landscape, abstract, cityscape, and more. Each type of photography requires a unique skillset that can take some time to master.

Once you’ve found a niche and have practiced taking and editing photos, it’s time to list them for sale. You can sell stock photos through a variety of websites including Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and more. 

Depending on the number of photos you sell, it’s possible to make $200 per day or more. For beginners, you can expect to earn much less at the beginning phase of your career.

Cash in Credit Card Rewards

Some credit cards will offer the ability to enhance your rewards for a cash deposit into your bank account. If you have rewards available, consider cashing them in to make money. It will likely take more than a day to be received, so it’s a good idea to cash them in a few days before you need the cash.

Hold a Garage or Yard Sale

If you need money desperately, a garage sale could be the perfect solution. You can gather items from around your home to sell. Garage sales offer a great way to make money without dedicating a significant amount of time. You can hold your garage sale on the weekend for a few hours each morning to generate some additional cash.

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Work as a Virtual Assistant to Earn $200

If you haven’t heard of virtual assistants before, now is your chance. If you need to make $200, becoming a virtual assistant can help you get there. 

What does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants have a variety of jobs including: sending and responding to emails, posting on social media accounts, creating content, scheduling meetings, and more. 

Virtual assistants are typically paid hourly at a rate of around $12 to $25. Depending on the amount of work, you can be capable of making much more. 

Walk Dogs

Dog walking offers a great way to make money and get healthy while enjoying the companionship of a furry friend. There are many different apps that match dog walkers with pet owners, with rates varying on the length of the walk.

Rover and Wag are two of the most common and the process to become verified is pretty simple. You’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself to become a verified walker.

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Similar to dog walking, babysitting provides you a way to make money by watching children. Rates vary depending on the number of children, length of your services, and your experience but it offers a great way to make money on the side.

You can offer your services to friends and family or consider using a website that can match you with those in need. Some of the most popular are:

Get Paid for Scoping

There’s a high chance you’ve never heard of this profession, but it can be a great way to make money without any specific knowledge required. Scoping is similar to a transcriptionist but for legal processes. 

As a scopist, you can make over $30 per hour, making it easy to make $200 in one day.

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Get Paid to Use Your Phone

That’s right, some companies will pay you to use your phone. For Android users, you can register for an account on Slidejoy to get paid for the normal use of your phone.

The app will use your lock screen to display an advertisement in exchange for free rewards. If you have an Android device, this is a great option to get paid for doing nothing!

Rent Out Space in Your Home

If your home has some extra space, consider renting some of it out to make money. The rate you charge is completely up to you. You can search for other similar space and adjust your pricing based on your findings.

It’s also important to charge a deposit fee that is refundable if the space is returned in the same condition it was rented. This will help to keep your property in good condition and requiring less maintenance.

Renting out space in your home or apartment can be an easy way to make $200 fast. My favorite way to rent out space in my home is using VRBO. List your space now to make money!

Flip Furniture

Flipping furniture is a great way to make money for those with the time available. It can take anywhere from less than 24 hours to a few days to complete each piece, depending on how distressed your furniture is.

The basics of furniture flipping are quite simple. You’ll need to find a piece to flip, refurbish it, and sell it for a profit.

You can find pieces to flip at local thrift stores or classifieds. After completing your restoration, you can sell them online through Facebook Marketplace or local classifieds.

Win Video Game Tournaments

Win Video Game Tournaments

Winning video game tournaments can reward you with as much as tens of thousands of dollars depending on the tournament and your teammates. offers various tournaments with many different games available to compete in.

It’s likely that you’ll need to sharpen your skills before registering and becoming capable of winning, but those with tremendous dexterity skills can make enormous sums by playing video games and winning tournaments.

If you aren’t quite ready to register for a tournament, consider streaming your gameplay on a website like Twitch to make money. These websites will give you a portion of earnings generated through your stream. You can research the most popular games before starting to increase your exposure.

Interior Painting

Becoming a painter requires little knowledge or equipment, making it a great way to make money for many. You can purchase basic painting supplies at a local hardware store including brushes, drapes, and the paint itself.

You can promote your services on social media or neighborhood apps like Nextdoor to find potential customers.

Rates will vary depending on the size of the room or home you are painting and any prep work that needs to be completed but you can expect to make over $200 for most jobs.

Become a Customer Service Rep

There are many remote customer service positions open that offer hourly pay for those willing to communicate and troubleshoot customer’s problems. You can make anywhere from $7.25 to over $15 per hour, so you’ll likely need to work long hours to make $200 in one day with this position.

Offer Personal Training Services

For those with the knowledge, personal training offers a great way to make money. You’ll need to communicate with clients about proper training and nutrition regimens.

You can charge an hourly rate or per session. It is common to charge anywhere from $30 to $60 per 30-minute session. Depending on the number of clients you service, it can be easy to profit $200 in one day. Some trainers even offer their services online, making it that much easier.

Pressure Wash Driveways

Pressure washing driveways can be one of the fastest ways to make $200 but it’s not the easiest. You’ll need to be comfortable working in the sun throughout the day but you can easily make a few hundred dollars for your sacrifices. 

Pressure washing driveways will require a pressure washer which can be purchased for a couple of hundred dollars or rented for less than $100. 

Your options don’t end at driveways, either. You can also pressure wash home exteriors, fences, decks, and more.

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How to Make $200 in One Day Investing

While it’s certainly possible to make $200 in one day investing, it can be quite difficult and rather risky. Below are some possible methods to make $200 in one day investing. 

Invest in Stocks

Investing in the stock market can help you to make $200 in one day assuming you invest in the right stocks. While stock picking can be dangerous, there are some experts capable of thriving by doing so. 

If you’re looking to make a consistent income from your investments, it’s best to hold your stocks for much longer than one day or even one year. When it comes to investing, you’ll want to hold your investments for 2 years or longer.

If you’re looking for an easy way to start investing, I recommend using Stash. This app let’s you invest in all of your favorite companies with no minimum requirements. 

Trade Cryptocurrency to Make $200

Similar to day trading stocks, trading cryptocurrency can also be a dangerous way to make $200. Because you’ll never know the value of cryptocurrency, it could change rapidly in one minute or less causing extreme losses or gains. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, among others. 

If you’re looking to get started trading cryptocurrency, consider using Coinbase. You can register for a free account here. 

Invest in Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending can be an easy way to make $200 in one day if you have enough capital to invest. Peer-to-peer investing is essentially a small loan that is given to others with a certain interest rate. If you want to make $200 in one day with peer-to-peer investing, you’d need to invest almost $750,000 assuming a 10% interest rate. Obviously, this is not feasible for many people, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it.

Because investing in peer to peer lending is passive, you can also utilize some of the other methods on this list while padding your income with the profits from your investments. 

Invest in Real Estate to Make $200

Investing in real estate is similar to other forms of investing in that it will take time for your money to grow. If you opt to invest in real estate via a REIT, it will take a significant amount of capital to make $200.

If you’re looking to make money quicker, purchasing a single family home or condo to rent out can be a better option. This will require you to have some money upfront and the income to prove you can pay for the home. Assuming you meet these qualifications, you can easily profit $500 per month or more. 

Things to Sell to Make $200 in One Day

By making things and selling them online, you can easily make $200 or more in just one day. Below are some of the best items you can make and sell for $200 or more.

Sell Candles from Home to Make $200

Selling candles from home is an excellent way to make money if you need money fast. While you might think that candle making should be left to the experts, it’s actually much simpler than you think. After purchasing some basic supplies that will cost less than $200, you can start making candles and sell them from home. 

By selling your candles at local retailers or online, you could easily make over $200. If you profit around $15 per candle, you’d need to sell 14 candles to make over $200.

Woodworking to Make $200

By created custom pieces of furniture, cutting boards, planter boxes, or other items via woodworking, you can make $200 in less than one day. 

How to Make $200 Everyday

Ready to up the challenge? Maybe instead of making $200 in just one day, you want to make that much everyday. This will be quote challenging and require you to strategize more effective ways to make money. You’ll need to combine a few methods to reach your goals.

If you’re looking to make $200 everyday, you’re going to need to make money with passive income in addition to your active income sources. 

Final Thoughts on How to Make $200 in One Day or Less

There are thousands of potential ways to make $200 in one day, making it easier than you might think. From landscaping to streaming video games online or even flipping furniture, making money in your free time has never been so simple.

While making $200 in a day won’t be easy, it can be done. 

What are your favorite ways to make money? Comment below!

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