How to Make Money Programming [February 2022]

Ultimate Guide to Make Money Programming in 2021

Becoming a programmer is an excellent choice to make money from the comfort of your own home in 2021. With demand skyrocketing, those with strong coding skills can easily earn money from several sources. Between app development or building websites for small businesses, making money with coding can be extremely lucrative and provide a nice income for you and your family.

In this guide, I’m going to show you various ways you can make money programming, ways you can learn to code, and how much money you can make programming. Let’s get started.

What is Programming?

Programming is pretty self explanatory. It is the process of designing and developing a computer program to accomplish a specific task.

Computer programming can be used to complete a wide variety of tasks ranging from simple calculations to advanced commands for the most sophisticated machines.

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Different Types of Coding

You can think of coding or programming as a language. And just as there isn’t just one language, there isn’t one type of code that covers everything. There are many different coding languages you could learn to make money. Below are some of the most common types of code that you can use to make money from home.

Web Development Code

Becoming a web developer is an excellent way to make money with programming because of it’s wide use. Web development code will commonly consist of HTML, CSS, and Javascript with some websites using more advanced coding languages including PHP, Ruby, and more.

Computer Science Code

If you’re looking to use your coding skills to build computer programs, this will consist of many different coding languages including Java, C++, Python, and more. These codes are considered more difficult to learn and are known as object oriented code.

Top Ways to Make Money Programming from Home

Making money as a programmer can be both challenging and exciting. Because the pay for such knowledge is high, your potential to make money is exponential. With many open source codes available, getting started is the first step to make money online from programming. Below are some of the top ways you can make money programming.

Start a Blog About Programming

While starting a blog is never the fastest way to make money, it can be a great way to generate passive income over time. By teaching others about programming and coding, you can build a following with the potential of offering coding courses to your audience in the future.

Building your blog will take some time to grow, but it can be well worth it. Some of the top blogs can make over 7 figures annually, creating an awesome passive income stream for you and your family.

Build Websites for Local Companies

In the 21st century, every business needs a website. Help a local business by building them a website for a fee. This is a perfect option for beginner programmers because it requires less knowledge than more advanced coding options like app development.

Becoming a front end developer will require knowledge in HTML, CSS, and some Javascript, all of which can be learned in just a few months.

You’ll need to be capable of selling your solution to local businesses as many of them may not have a massive budget to work with.

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Build an App

Since the boom of mobile phones, mobile applications have exploded, meaning tremendous opportunity for those capable of building them. Being an app developer is one of the best ways to make money coding because of the demand.

Similar to creating a course, you’ll need to put in a significant amount of work upfront to build your app, but then it will only require maintenance and administrative tasks to keep making money.

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Setup Home Automations

Home automation is the biggest trend in electronics currently and it offers coders a great way to build a side income. If you’re the type of person who enjoys setting up advanced home automations, this could be a perfect way to get paid for your coding knowledge.

Start a YouTube Channel About Coding

Because video has become one of the most popular ways to consume media, starting a YouTube channel can be an excellent choice to make money coding. It’s super simple to get started and you can earn money from your platform in as little as a few months. You’ll want to start by deciding what types of videos to create and start learning the basics of creating awesome videos. From there, make sure your video is optimized for YouTube so that you can get more views and make money online.

How Much Money Can I Make Coding?

Coding is one of the best high-income skills to make money from home. Depending on what programming skills you have, your salary could range anywhere from $50,000 annually to well over $150,000. Those who are software engineers will have an easier time making money because of the more advanced skillset required.

The amount of money you can make coding is almost limitless. Many coders will choose to opt to complete freelance work as a quick and easy way to pad their income.

If you’re looking to replace your full time job to become a programmer, you’ll want to get started as soon as possible to sharpen your skills and give your income streams time to grow.

It is certainly possible to make over 7 figures annually by using your programming knowledge.

How to Make More Money Coding?

If you’re looking to make more money as a programmer, here are a few things to consider.

Expand Your Offerings

Diversifying your skills and offering more services is the best way to increase your income as a coder or developer. If you currently work in web development, start learning other types of code so that you can earn money in other areas.

If you’re currently only working on a coding blog, you might also work on an e book to supplement your income.

Enter Coding Contests

While this might not be your first priority, you could choose to enter coding contests to win some money. These contests can range in the skills needed and the amount of money you could win so you’ll want to make sure your skills align before entering.

Find a New Job

If you’re focused on your career in coding, you can always search for a new job that pays more. While careers as a programmer can be easy to find, it’s always worth a search to see if you could make some additional money elsewhere. Nobody likes searching for a new job, but it can be well worth your time.

How to Learn How to Code

Best Ways to Learn How to Code

If you’re looking to start learning how to code you’ll have several options.

You’ll first want to decide what type of code you want to learn. You’ll want to make this decision based on what you want to do to start making money. For example, if you want to become a font end developer, you’ll need to learn HTML, CSS, and some Javascript to get started.

After deciding what code to learn, it’s a good idea to take one of many online coding courses. These can help you to learn faster than other forms of learning.


SkillShare has thousands of classes to help you learn how to code. With a wide assortment of coding types – there’s a class for everyone with SkillShare. You can start your free 14 day trial below to get started!


Free Code Camp is an awesome free way to learn how to code and become a developer. If you’re a beginner programmer, their resources are excellent for getting started. If you want to learn the basics of coding, Free Code Camp have everything you need to learn how to code.

YouTube Videos

If you’re new to coding, watching videos on YouTube can be a great method to learn how to code. There are thousands of videos available in almost every type of code. You can search for different levels of skill to help beginners or those more advanced.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money Programming

One of my favorite things about coding is the number of options you’ll have to make money. And because it is a unique skillset, the pay can be phenomenal.

Programming can be an excellent way to start making money online from home in your free time, even if you have a full-time job.

From freelancing to building apps or even starting a programming blog, the ways to make money coding are quite limitless.

Do you know how to code? What have you done to make money with your knowledge? Comment below!

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