How to Make Money With a Truck [Complete 2022 Guide]

If you own a pickup truck, you might be surprised how you can turn your vehicle into an income-producing machine with a little work throughout your spare time.

And because you already own your truck, it won’t cost you a penny to get started.

Making money with a pickup truck can be an excellent way to supplement your income to keep your bills paid. You might even be capable of turning your side hustle into a full-time gig!

In this post, I’ll explore how to make money with a truck, some of the costs to consider when using your pickup truck to make money, and whether or not it’s worth purchasing a pickup truck to make additional income. Let’s get started!

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How to Make Money with Your Truck in 2022

No matter your reason for needing some extra cash, it’s easy to make money with a truck of any size. Below are some of the top ways you can use your vehicle to make money.

Deliver Food with your Truck

Delivering food with companies like Uber Eats, Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates can be an awesome way to make money using your truck or car.

These services will require you too pick up food at a local restaurant and deliver it directly to the customer’s location.

You’ll earn money based on the delivery distance and time plus any tips that you make.

My favorite food delivery services are Doordash and Postmates. They offer high earnings and the ability to be your own boss. 

Sign up to become a Dasher below or check out these Doordash hacks to make more money!

Deliver Groceries with Your Truck

Similar to delivering food with your truck, you can also deliver groceries.

You’ll make money by picking up groceries from your local grocery and delivering them to the customer’s door.

You can register for websites like Instacart or Shipt to start delivering groceries and making money.

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Hauling Junk

If you haven’t done so already, hauling items for people is a great way to make money with your truck.

The items you can haul are endless. From gravel or mulch to recyclables, hauling items can be an excellent way to earn money.

You can post an ad on Craigslist or offer your services to friends and family to get started.

The amount of money you can make will vary depending on the size of your truck and the services requested.

It’s possible to make over $60 per hour for some truck owners.

Side Hustle Help:

Make Money Moving

Become a Mover

Moving can be expensive, therefore many families will opt to move themselves. However, because they don’t have a truck, they’ll often be forced to hire someone who does. That’s where a moving service comes into play.

You can choose to charge customers by the project or per hour.

It’s common to charge $75 or more per hour for your time plus a rate for the use of your truck.

If you have a larger or enclosed truck, you can charge even more.

If possible, consider hiring a few teenagers to help expedite the process so you can make more money.

On the flip side, many families may not be capable of handling the strenuous work that is required by moving homes and will hire movers to do this.

Either way, you can cash in on both sides if you own a pickup truck and have a valid driver’s license.

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Tow Vehicles

If you have a truck powerful enough, towing vehicles can be a great way to make money.

You’ll need to decide on how you want to tow vehicles and purchase the equipment necessary.

There are a few main methods including

  • Using a tow cable (least safe)
  • Using a dolly (safer)
  • Using a trailer (most safe)

Depending on your method of towing, your equipment could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

You’ll want to ensure that you have the skills necessary to tow a vehicle, so it’s a good idea to dedicate some time practicing.

Because a tow truck can be quite costly, using your pickup truck to tow cars is a more affordable way to start a towing company and make money by offering a towing service.

Plow Snow with Pickup Truck

Plow Snow

No-one likes to hand shovel snow.

It’s time-consuming and can be very strenuous on your body not to mention you’ll be forced to deal with the cold weather as well!

If you live in an area with snowfall, you can use your truck to plow snow and make money.

You’ll need to purchase a snowplow to attach to the front of your truck.

This can cost anywhere from $500 to over $1,500 but it can be well worth your investment.

You can charge customers by the project or for each hour of your time. It’s common to charge more than $75 per hour for those with a snowplow.

If you want to make even more money, consider offering salting services to keep the area free of ice in addition to snow plowing.

You can offer your snow plowing services to local neighborhoods or commercial properties.

Use Your Truck to Advertise

By getting your truck wrapped with an advertisement, you can make money simply by driving your truck normally.

Most companies will require you to drive a certain amount of miles each month to cash in so you should see if that amount is standard for you.

The amount you can make varies from company to company and your location but you can expect to earn at least $100 a month just by driving your truck!

While the wrap is not completely permanent, it is also somewhat difficult to remove. You should speak to the company you plan to work with about the possibility of removing your wrap.

By advertising on your truck, you can make some extra money passively without any additional work.

Best of all, this can be done while simultaneously working other jobs like junk removal, landscaping services, or moving services.

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Start a Mail Delivery Service

Starting a courier business is a great way to earn extra cash for pickup truck owners.

With this business, you’ll get paid to deliver mail to residences with your pickup truck. While using a truck isn’t the most efficient way to operate this business, you can still make it work.

I love this method because you can become your own boss and work your own hours.

If you don’t want to go all in with this business, you can also consider working as a contractor and deliver packages for other companies like an Amazon Delivery Service Partner.

Working as an independent contractor offers some benefits like being able to work your own hours and you have less risk than starting a business.

Deliver Furniture or Appliances

Because of the nature of size or furniture and appliances, you’ll be forced to own a truck if you want to get them moved.

Whether it’s hauling them from the store to your home or from your old house to a new home, people are willing to pay you to move these items.

Another consideration are broken appliances. These can be taken directly to a recycling company to get rid of.

Drive for a Ride-Hailing Service

Driving for a ride-hailing service like Uber or Lyft can be an excellent way to earn money during your free time.

Because you’re capable of turning your availability off and on with the switch of a button, this is a great way to make money for anyone.

You’ll need to ensure your vehicle meets standards set by the ride-hailing service and you’ll need to complete a background check to get approved.

You can also grab a bonus for new drivers that can amount to hundreds of dollars.

To make more money, make sure your service is superior and offer your guests electronic chargers or perhaps bottled water.

One of my favorite things about this job is that you can set your own schedule and only accept jobs that pay well. This is a great side hustle to make extra money in addition to a full time job.

Be sure to keep track of your expenses like gas money, wear and tear on your pickup truck, and oil changes to ensure you’re profitable.

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Offer Landscaping and Mulching Services

Many homeowners want their yards to look in top shape but don’t have the equipment to do so.

Primarily, you’ll need a truck to get mulch for your garden beds.

You can not only offer to have mulch delivered but you can also opt to lay the mulch yourself to earn even more money.

You can easily earn $50-$100 to get mulch delivered with the possibility of earning $40 per hour if you lay the mulch yourself.

If you’re looking for more work, you could speak with local nurseries and offer to deliver items to customers on behalf of the company. While you might not make quite as much money, you’re likely to have more work.

If you want to make even more money, consider starting a landscaping business with your pickup truck. You’ll need one that is capable of hauling your equipment including a trailer, mower, and other equipment.

Starting a landscaping business is a great option if you want to become your own boss and make good money.

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Offer Delivery Services for Small Businesses

There are many local businesses that need a delivery service to deliver products from their business to their customers.

For example, a local furniture store might not have their own truck drivers or pickup truck to deliver furniture to customers. This is a great opportunity to partner with a small business that has routine local deliveries for you to make money.

That’s just one example. There are thousands of small businesses that might need your delivery services that you can partner with.

Renting Your Truck to Make Money

Instead of doing the work yourself, you can also choose to rent out your truck to make money.

While this might be more “risky”, renting your truck on most popular rental apps will require some sort of insurance in case of any damages that could ensue.

You’ll also need to have another means of transportation or be willing to go without a vehicle for a day.

You can easily earn over $50 per day by renting your truck which could amount to more than $500 per month.

Transport Large Items Across the Country

Sometimes you can find gigs that offer to pay you to move items across the country.

These can be more of a time commitment than other jobs, but can also pay significantly more.

You’ll need to have a truck that is reliable, efficient, and large enough to haul whatever items your customer needs.

Make Money Recycling

Sell Scrap Metal and Recyclables

Taking scrap metals and other recyclables to your local recycler can earn you money.

You’ll need a truck to haul your metal, but it can be a great way to score some extra cash by collecting metals over time.

Rates will vary depending on your location and the type of metal you have.

You can also recycle old appliances to earn money. Appliances like refrigerators or washers can often earn you $50+ at your local recycling company.

But that’s not it! Recycling used tires are also a great way to make money. Because they are extremely recyclable you can make good money.

Start a Blog About Trucks

If you have a passion for pickup trucks and want to make some extra money, starting a blog can be a fun side hustle.

Best of all, you don’t have to actually own a pickup truck with this method.

Instead, writing about your love for pickup trucks can be a great way to make passive income and start making money online.

To start a blog, you’ll first need to purchase a domain name. This can be done through various registrars like Namecheap. It can cost as little as $10 annually for your domain name.

Next, you’ll need to purchase hosting for your website. This is where you will store files for your blog so users can access your site. I recommend using SiteGround for this. You can expect to pay around $10 per month for hosting.

Finally, you’ll want to install a CMS like WordPress on your site to manage content.

Once your blog is setup, it’s time to start writing posts and publishing new content for your readers. As your readership grows, you can make money through a few methods including display advertising, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products and online courses.

Blogs are capable of making thousands of dollars each month – so what’re you waiting for? Claim your domain name and get started now!

Start a Garbage Removal Business

Junk removal and garbage removal with your own pickup truck is a good way to make money hauling stuff.

There are many apartment complexes that are searching for people to collect garbage from residents doorsteps and putting them into trash bins. This is known as a valet trash service and a great way to earn extra cash with a pickup truck.

Flip Trucks to Make Money

If you have the money to afford a pickup truck, you might consider flipping them to make extra cash.

Flipping pickup trucks can be a lucrative way to make money if you have the knowledge and desire to make it happen.

Flipping trucks starts with finding vehicles that are priced at a discount for some reason. Perhaps the pickup truck has a broken headlight or scratch across the hood.

Next, you’ll need to repair or fix the pickup truck before selling it for a profit.

The amount of money you can make flipping pickup trucks can be a good amount. Depending on the deal you get and the repairs needed, it’s possible to make a few thousand dollars with each pickup truck you flip.

You don’t always need to find trucks that are in disrepair to make money, however. Sometimes if you can find a good enough deal – you can make good money just by reselling the truck without making any updates or repairs. Check out the video below for more info on flipping trucks!

Transport Firewood

If you own a pickup truck and want to make some extra cash, transporting firewood can be an easy way to boost your income.

There are many requests on sites like Craigslist, Facebook, and the NextDoor app looking for truck owners to transport their firewood.

You can charge per trip or per hour depending on the distance between destinations.

If you want to make money with your truck, consider transporting firewood.

Find Odd Jobs on Craigslist

It’s common to come across jobs on Craigslist for people looking for others with a truck. If you own a pickup truck, be sure to browse around to find random jobs to make money with a pickup truck.

Sometimes it can be to help them move, or sometimes it can be to haul appliances.

No matter their needs, browse your local Craigslist directory to find jobs using your truck.

Is Buying a Truck Worth it to Make Money?

Now that you’ve found many different ways to make money with a truck, does it make sense to purchase a truck to profit?

Well, it’s not quite that simple.

You’ll need to understand a few things to help you determine if it’s worth it.

How Much Does the Truck Cost?

The most important factor in deciding whether purchasing a truck is a good idea to make money is finding out how much it costs.

If you can find a used truck for under a few thousand dollars, this might be worth it.

But if you’re staring down a new 2022 truck costing $80,000+, it’s certainly a poor investment.

How Much Money Can You Make With Your Truck

Outside of the cost of your truck, you’ll need to estimate how much money you can make with your truck.

If you’re currently without a job, it could be a good idea to purchase a used truck to make money in your free time.

Decide on a few ideas to make money with your pickup and then try to estimate how much money you’ll make. This should help you to determine whether purchasing a truck is worth it for you.

For many, it is possible to make at least $1,000 per month using your truck if not more.

Do You Just Want a Truck?

For some people, they may just want a truck for the looks or versatility.

That’s okay too.

You can partially justify purchasing your truck by using it to profit.

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Costs to Consider When Using Your Truck to Make Money

It’s important not to forget about the costs of using your truck to make money. Every mile your truck is driven will decrease its life and cost you money in maintenance.

Below are some costs you’ll want to think about when determining if it’s worth it:

  • Addition oil changes
  • More frequent tire replacement
  • Depreciation of your truck
  • Wear and tear on the interior and exterior of your truck

Ways to Make Money with a Box Truck

Box trucks are another type of truck you can use to make more money.

If you own a box truck and want to make money, you can use some of the same methods as a pickup truck owner but some methods are more profitable with a box truck.

For example, you probably don’t want to drive for a ride hailing service with a box truck (and they probably won’t let you!), but delivering furniture or junk removal can be good options.

Some of the best ways to make extra money with a box truck include offering a moving service, junk removal, and starting a landscaping service.

Final Thoughts on How to Make Money with a Truck

If you own a truck, there are many methods you can use to make money in your spare time.

From hauling junk to plowing snow, making money with your truck can be quite simple.

If you don’t currently have a truck, but think it could be a good investment, you’ll want to analyze the costs involved.

Using your truck to make money is a no brainer. What’re you waiting for? Start making money with your truck today!

What are your favorite ways to make money with a truck? Comment below!

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