How to Make Straight Hair Curly, According to a Hairstylist

I’m pretty damn good at doing hair (I’m also very humble). I take pride in being able to turn your “annoying” hair (“it’s too slippery!” “It’s too short!” “It’s too thick!” “It just doesn’t do anything!”) into a braided, twisted, magical style. So when my friend challenged me to curl her “aggressively straight” hair, I chuckled, patted her on the head, and got to work. And then it imploded.

Because no matter what I did, her straight hair would not hold a curl or even a wave. I sprayed the hell out of it with every texturizing product and hairspray I had, I kept the curl in my hand until it cooled, I begged and pleaded with the hairs to stay twisted still, I was left with limp nothingness. Defeated and ego-bruised, I vowed to never again let another strand conquer my soul.

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