How to Remove Acrylic Nails Without Damage. According to Nail Experts

If you’re obsessed with your nails, then you know there’s nothing as satisfying as walking out of a salon with a fresh acrylic set. But after a few weeks with those glamorous nails, you also know what’s coming: the dreaded and tedious acrylic nail removal process.

“It is important to remove acrylics in a proper way by soaking, versus breaking them off your self and tearing them away from your natural nail, which in turn can damage your nails,” explains LeChat Nails educator Syreeta Aaron. “When you choose to tear off the acrylics from the natural nail you are tearing extra layers off the nail, or onyx, [which is] the technical term for the nail.” The more layers that are removed, the more the nails are damaged. “Nails are composed of hard keratin which is technically what skin is made from,” explains Aaron, adding that “to tear off extra layers would be like tearing off extra skin.” (Yep, eek.)

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