How to Track a Phone Number in Nigeria: Tracking Locations

It is common to want to track phone numbers in Nigeria, and there are many reasons why this might be necessary. You might want to know the location of a phone number that you have been receiving calls from, or you may need phone number tracking for business purposes.

Whatever your reason for wanting to track phone numbers in Nigeria, it’s important that you do so correctly. This blog post will go over how to track phone numbers in Nigeria and what steps can be taken afterward.

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How to Track a Phone Number in Nigeria

Requirements for phone number tracking in Nigeria

  1. Know the phone number of the person you want to track.
  2. Have an internet connection on your phone or laptop – it’s not possible for phone numbers in Nigeria to be tracked without a data connection.
  3. If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, and are only using your phone plan, make sure that international roaming is turned off so as not to rack up fees.*
  4. The phone number must have been used before in order for tracking location services to work properly. This means that there should be past cell tower records available for this number within Google Maps’ database. If this is not the case then no information will show up about where that phone is currently located or has previously been located when being tracked

How to track someone with his phone number

The best way to track phone calls made from unknown callers or spammy contacts is by using applications that are designed specifically for phone number tracking.

These apps can also help block unwanted phone calls with their blacklisting feature, provide information about other people’s location via GPS coordinates (locations vary depending on phone type), and report harassment/unwanted phone calls anonymously to the authorities where applicable.

For those who want even more features or phone number tracking capability, there are some phone trackers that can also help.

The best phone tracker for Nigeria is Mobile Spy because it has all the features mentioned above and more

*The only downside to this type of phone tracker is that you have to install a monitoring app on the target device or get physical access.*

Without further wasting of time, here are 5 ways to track a phone number in Nigeria

1. Start by calling your network provider and ask them to track the number for you.

If they are unable to help, ask them for the phone number of an authorized phone tracker in Nigeria that can handle this request and track phone numbers in Nigeria on your behalf.

Be aware it may cost a small fee or require payment upfront if other individuals will be involved with locating the phone number.

Some network providers offer this service free of charge as long as you have been receiving calls from someone who is not listed under their contact list.

2. Use Truecaller to track the number.

Use Truecaller to track the number.

Truecaller is an app for phone number tracking that can be downloaded to your phone and will show the location of any incoming phone calls. It also has features that allow you to blacklist numbers if they are calling too often or spamming, as well as report harassment or unwanted phone calls.

It’s important to note that this application requires a data connection in order to track phone numbers and it may not work on some phones due to network restrictions.

It is also worth mentioning that the phone number tracker app can track phone numbers in Nigeria and other countries around the world.

Truecaller may be available as a free download on your phone’s application store, or you will need to pay for it (prices vary depending on which phone OS).

3. Use Trapcall to track a phone number.

-Trapcall is an application that works similarly to truecaller in regards to phone number tracking.

-It allows you to see a phone’s location as well as blacklist unwanted phone calls and spam numbers from your phone line again, just like with truecaller.

-However, it also has the ability to record any phone call made on the target phone with or without the consent of the other caller if they do not know their phone number is being tracked.

This can be valuable information for businesses wanting to track phone numbers in Nigeria by recording conversations between employees or others involved in business dealings where there are suspicions about fraudulent activity going on elsewhere.

-In order for this app (or similar apps) to work correctly and phone number tracker phone numbers in Nigeria, the phone being tracked needs to have access to a data connection.

-Trapcall can be downloaded for free and runs on most phone OS’s; however, it may require payment in order for some features like recording phone calls or tracking phone numbers internationally (prices vary).

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4. Use find my device by google to track phone numbers.

Use find my device by google to track phone number in Nigeria

-Google’s “find my device” service can also be used in order to track phone numbers, as long as the phone being tracked has internet access on it (which most do).

-It provides live tracking location of your phone or other devices that you may be trying to locate and is easy enough for virtually anyone with a smartphone to use.

-The app automatically recognizes when your phone leaves WiFi range and will update its GPS coordinates accordingly.

-If you are unable to find your phone using this feature, then contact google through their website instead and they should have more options available including finding lost phones by ringing them at full volume so they can’t go unheard. Google should also provide information about phone numbers in Nigeria and phone number tracking on their website if the phone is not found.

-One downside to this app is that it may take up a lot of battery life for your phone, so be sure to charge it before trying to use find my device since you will need an internet connection as well.

5. Ask the police for help.

I know you probably wouldn’t like this one, but it’s worth a shot.

If tracking the phone number in Nigeria is not working for you, then it may be a good idea to contact the police and let them know what has happened. They usually have more resources and can track the phone faster.


There are many phone number trackers available to use in order to investigate phone numbers in Nigeria. The best option for you will depend on the type of phone and your specific needs, but there is usually one that can be used.

When choosing which phone tracker app or service to go with, it’s important to compare features such as availability from phone OS, what types of information they provide about a person (location tracking vs. phone call recording), their various prices, and any additional fees charged per month/year.

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