How to Trim Bangs at Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

I’m a recent member to the bang club, so I feel like I’m finally qualified to weigh in. Bangs? Super fun. Grown-out bangs that hang in your eyes and reduce your visibility? Not as fun. Normally, you could run to your local salon for a quick bangs trim, but there are drawbacks there. For one thing, spending money on a two-minute salon visit is physically painful. Secondly, given that we’re still in a coronavirus pandemic, running to the hair salon every two weeks feels like an unnecessary risky endeavor. Especially when there are better options.

So we’re here with some good news: It’s actually incredibly easy to trim your bangs yourself—no cosmetology license required. And to prove it to you, we got celebrity hair wizard Matt Fugate to break down the easiest, most fool-proof way to cut your bangs, without any mistakes or regret. Yes, it’s totally possible. Ahead, the only six steps you need to convince your friends you’re secretly a professional hairstylist.

Step 1: Get the Right Bang-Trimming Supplies

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