How to Wear a Cape Blazer— Cape Blazer Fashion 2022

Scrolling through Instagram, it seems like everyone is wearing their jackets and blazers draped gently and elegantly over their shoulders. And most of the time, it’s easy to wonder how they manage to keep it that way —Does it defy the laws of slippage? How is it staying up? What happens if you have to raise (or, you know, move) an arm?—but the look is to die for, so it makes sense that everyone is trying to make that off-the-shoulder-drape work. Thankfully, a solution exists: the cape-blazer.

We saw the cape-blazer—a style that manages to stay in place without restricting your arm motion—on the national stage courtesy of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the 2019 State of the Union, and now, this current trend can make its way into your wardrobe. While we’re still deciding if it’s a cape-blazer, or a jacket-cape, or a blape, or a jape, or a modified poncho—here are some of great options to into your wardrobe.

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