HTTP status cats for WordPress (aka Custom Error message plugin)

We are, as an organization, a little too obsessed with kitteh pictures, so these HTTP Status Cats (via BoingBoing) completely rocked our world.

And, of course, after much rofling, bahahas and alike, we thought – heck this needs to be a WordPress plugin!

So we made it, just for you, a plugin that turns your various error messages into amusing cat pictures… what more could you ask for!

Just give us a like, tweet, plus or similar below and it’ll be available as a free download… we’ll put it as a free project on WPMU DEV shortly too.


You like? We thought you would!

Just activate and enjoy, if you want to also impact non WP pages, just edit .htaccess using the code suplied in Settings > Custom Error Messages

We even developed in an extra feature, so you can add in new kitteh images, or whatever images you want.


And of course, all respect and credit due to GirlieMac!