Increase Your Social Sharing With These 5 Free WordPress Plugins

As well as being a great plugin for creating email opt in forms and pop-ups, our very own Hustle is also a fantastic plugin for increasing your social shares.

On that note, for this walkthrough I’ll be looking at the plugin’s social sharing features only.

So let’s get into it.

Immediately Hustle appears with a friendly greeting, offering to help you get started.

You can choose to skip this option and explore the plugin yourself. Or you can follow the steps outlined below.

The first greeting message by hustle

Next Hustle gives you the option of creating a new module. Click on “Social Share” and you can begin editing and creating your social share buttons.

Select the social sharing option

The first page lets you select the social services you’d like to display, and whether to enable the share counter.

If one of your posts has already amassed a number of shares, this is a great way to show positive social proof.

Start by enabling your selected platforms

As you can see below, the number of social networks you have access to is also high – especially considering this is a free plugin.

Hustle gives you a range of social media platforms to choose from

Once you’ve selected the social media platforms you’d like to feature, next you can adjust where you want to display your buttons on posts or pages.

You also have the option of adding a floating social bar to your website, as well as changing its position on the page and whether you’d like to offset the bar or not.

alter the display options of your social shares

If you wish you can also enable a social floating bar on mobile devices:

Choose whether or not to display on mobile

Next, you can change how your inline social bars are displayed.

You can enable social bars as widgets, which allows you to add social buttons to the side bars of your posts. Or if you want to manually insert an inline bar to a post, you can also enable the shortcode module.

Adjust the settings of your inline bar

Now it’s time to change the style of your social buttons.

You can adjust the colors of your social bars… whether it’s the icon itself, the counter, or the container.

You can also add cool extras like a drop shadow and animated social icons.

Adjust the style of your icons
Adjust the style and appearance of your social buttons

Next you can adjust the visibility rules of your social share buttons.

By default Hustler will automatically show social shares on all your posts and pages if no condition is applied.

To change this, click “add conditions” and then specify where you’d like social buttons to be visible.

Set the conditions of your social posts

Once you’ve done this hit publish and your social bars and floaters will be live.

Finally, if you need any support throughout the process, Hustle has you covered.

You’ll find plenty of help in the forums and the FAQs on the plugin page, as well as more highly rated support via the WPMU DEV website:

Overall, Hustle provides a great user experience. The style and layout of this plugin is also slick and easy to follow.

I had no trouble adding social shares to a post, both through adjusting the default settings and adding social blocks manually.

I also liked that there were plenty of social networks to choose from. They were also all relevant and highly used networks.

As you’ll discover with some other social plugins on this list, many require you to upgrade before you get access to additional network buttons.

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