Is Wellsbury a Real Place? | ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Filming Locations

It’s a well-worn cliché that a movie or TV show’s setting often acts as a bonus character—like how New York City will be bravely taking Samantha’s place in the upcoming Sex and the City reboot—but it’s definitely true for Ginny & Georgia. The Netflix series about a mother and daughter pair settling into a new life in a new town has drawn plenty of comparisons to Gilmore Girls, including in its similarly idyllic New England backdrop.

Much like Stars Hollow, Ginny & Georgia‘s Wellsbury is filled with quirky characters (including a flannel-shirted restaurant owner-slash-love interest), small town vibes, and postcard-perfect vistas. Unlike Rory and Lorelai’s status as basically the princesses of their cute Connecticut hamlet, however, Ginny and Georgia are met with suspicion, judgment, and casual racism after moving to Massachusetts, making it a lot less cute, to say the least.

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