Kahn Designs The Aston Martin Vengeance For Geneva

Aston Martin Vengeance

Inspired by classic Aston Martin designs of the 1980s and 90s, the Aston Martin Vengeance is British designer’s Afzal Kahn idea about the perfect vehicle. Revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, the vehicle is based on the DB9 chassis, but it comes with a completely different design, featuring a redesigned front bumper and a wide spaced grille, as well as widened front wings that disappear into the doors.

The designer also imagined a bonnet bulge, widened C-pillars & rear wings, a restyled rear bumper, with a new crosshair exhaust system and lightweight sculpted wheels. The retro vibe of the car is complemented by the multi spoke design of the alloys, inspired by the classic roulette wheel.

Aston Martin Vengeance

Aston Martin exec Gary Archer was delighted to see Kahn Design’s bespoke project in Geneva and everyone seems to have been impressed by the Vengeance.

Since prices for hand built sports cars keep rising, the Aston Martin Vengeance should prove to be a sound investment. This means this eye-catching supercar could make money for you even after you’ve already purchased it. How’s that for a sound choice?

Aston Martin Vengeance

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