Kansas student body president Niya McAdoo tweets ‘death to America’

A Jayhawk sculpture outside the KU Memorial Union on March 8, 2021.

The student body president at the University of Kansas has defended her tweets about “death to America” amid mounting criticism from political figures and the school chancellor.

Student Body President Niya McAdoo gained national attention after retweeting a post last week that read, in part, “death to America.” The Sept. 3 retweet came from the official @KUPresident handle, which has since had at least one more retweet and an original tweet mentioning “death to America.”

Conservative commentator Todd Starnes was one of the first public figures to criticize McAdoo.

“Hey Kansas taxpayers — are you okay with this?” Starnes tweeted.

The student government at KU is tasked with allocating about $25 million in student fee dollars but does not appear to receive taxpayer funding. The Student Senate Twitter account, @KUSenate, also retweeted the “death to America” post.

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