Krayon Everywhere will show you the Sunrise & Sunset times

Krayon Everywhere

It’s extremely hard to come up with something brand new in the watchmaking world nowadays, especially when we’re talking about mechanical wristwatches; but Krayon, an engineering studio from Neuchatel, Switzerland, specialized in bespoke movement design, has just managed to do the impossible. Aiming at the high-end level of the industry, Krayon has recently introduced Everywhere, a unique timepiece that shows off the sunrise & sunset times, everywhere around the world, right on your wrist, thanks to a complex mechanical movement.

Armed with an interest in fine craftsmanship and probably great math skills, Remi Maillat, the founder of Krayon, came up with this innovative concept, that’s surely going to be really sought after. Apart from its unique mechanism and function, Krayon Everywhere also shows off a superb look, with polished silver hands on a shiny silver dial that could be rendered in many different ways. The attention to detail is incredible, and since the Earth’s tilt and position to the sun changes throughout the year, the same thing will happen to this watch, as the indicators change to show off the duration of the day and night.

Krayon Everywhere

On the Everywhere watch, Krayon uses a few stacked discs which move slightly every single day to mimic Nature’s evolution throughout the year. Offered in 18k white gold, this incredible timepiece displays a small 42 mm case, housing a 6.5 mm thick automatic movement that benefits from a solid gold micro rotor and exactly 595 parts overall.

The movement operates at 3Hz (21,600 bph) and comes with an impressive power reserve of 72 hours, with all the magic on display thanks to a sapphire crystal window on the rear side. The ultimate success of Krayon is going to be mostly about its innovative design, with pricing info to vary according to the particular configuration, but 600,000 CHF is the minimum the Swiss company will ask for its watch. Any takers?

Krayon Everywhere

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