List of United Kingdom flags

Flag Date Use Description Flag of Anglesey.svg 2014 on Flag of Anglesey Gules between three lions rampant or a chevron of the second: the attributed arms of Hwfa ap Cynddelw, the traditional badge of the county. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[91] Bedfordshire County Flag.svg 2014 on Flag of Bedfordshire Based on the arms of Beauchamp, Barons of Bedford (red and gold) and Russell, Dukes of Bedford (black with 3 scallops). Unlike the old county council banner, the bars wavy are counterchanged per pale. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[92] Flag of Berkshire.svg 2017 on Flag of Berkshire Based on the traditional badge of the county: a stag beneath Hearne’s Oak. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[93] Flag of Buckinghamshire.svg 2011 on Flag of Buckinghamshire A red and black field bearing a chained swan: a traditional badge of the county. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[94](Chosen in a BBC competition)[95] Flag of Caernarfonshire.svg 2012 on Flag of Caernarfonshire Vert, three eagles displayed in fess Or. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[96] Flag of Caithness.svg 2016 on Flag of Caithness A Scandinavian cross flag for the county’s Norse heritage, with the civic badge of Caithness, a ship with a raven on its sail, in the upper hoist. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[97](Enrolled by the Lord Lyon)[98] Cambridgeshire Flag.svg 2015 on Flag of Cambridgeshire Blue with wavy lines in Cambridge blue, and the three crowns of East Anglia. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[99](Chosen by competition)[100] Cheshire Flag.svg 2013 on Flag of Cheshire Azure a Sword erect between three Garbs Or (Registered by the Flag Institute)[101] Flag of Cornwall.svg 12th century St Piran’s Flag – the Flag of Cornwall A white cross on a black field. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[102] Cumberland flag.svg 2012 on The Flag of Cumberland Based on a banner of the arms of the former Cumberland County Council.(Registered by the Flag Institute)[103] Derbyshire flag.svg 2006 on Flag of Derbyshire A green cross with a white border on a sky blue field, with a gold Tudor rose in the centre. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[104](Chosen in a BBC competition)[105] Flag of Devon.svg 2003 on Flag of Devon – St Petroc’s flag A white cross with a black border on a green field. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[106](Chosen by competition)[107] Saint Wite's Cross.svg 2008 on Flag of Dorset[108] – the Dorset Cross alias St Wite’s Cross A white cross with a red border on a gold field.(Registered by the Flag Institute)[109](Chosen by competition)[110] County Durham Flag.svg 2013 on Flag of County Durham[111] A gold and blue horizontal bicolour with St. Cuthbert’s Cross countercharged upon it. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[112](Chosen by competition)[113] Flag of East Lothian.svg 2018 on Flag of East Lothian (Haddingtonshire) A blue field with a gold saltire voided blue; over all a lozenge with a lion rampant. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[114](Chosen by competition)[115] Flag of Essex.svg Possibly 6th century Flag of Essex A red field with three white, gold hilted Saxon swords (Seaxes). (Registered by the Flag Institute)[116] Flag of Flintshire.svg 2015 on Flag of Flintshire Argent, between four Cornish choughs sable a cross engrailed flory of the second. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[117]; the arms attributed to Edwin Tegeingl (Edwin ap Gronwy) Glamorgan Flag.svg 12th century Flag of Glamorgan Gules, three Chevronels Argent. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[118] Severn Cross.svg 2008 on Flag of Gloucestershire – the Severn Cross The winning entry in a competition to commemorate the county’s millennium. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[119](Chosen by competition)[120] County Flag of Hampshire.svg 2019 on Flag of Hampshire A gold Saxon crown on a red field above a Tudor rose on a gold field.(Registered by the Flag Institute)[121] County Flag Of Herefordshire.svg 2019 on Flag of Herefordshire On a dark red background, a white bull’s head above three wavy lines, ordered white-blue-white.(Registered by the Flag Institute)[122] County Flag of Hertfordshire.svg 2008 on Flag of Hertfordshire On a waved background, a Hart reclining on a yellow shield – a flag displayed on the crest of the county arms(Registered by the Flag Institute)[123]A banner of the council’s arms[124] Flag of Huntingdonshire.svg 2009 on Flag of Huntingdonshire On a green background, a gold, ribboned hunting horn – a flag displayed on the crest of the county arms (Registered by the Flag Institute)[125] FlagOfKent.svg 1605 on Flag of Kent[126] A red field with the white horse of Kent. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[127] Flag of Kirkcudbrightshire.svg 2016 on Flag of Kirkcudbrightshire A green and white quartered field bearing the Cross of St Cuthbert (from whom the county is named). (Registered by the Flag Institute)[128](Enrolled by the Lord Lyon)[129] FlagOfLancashire.svg 2008 on Flag of Lancashire The red rose of Lancashire on a yellow field. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[130] Flag of Leicestershire.svg 2021 on Flag of Leicestershire Per fess dancetty gules and argent, a cinquefoil pierced ermine above a fox gules. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[131] Lincolnshire flag.svg 2005 on Flag of Lincolnshire Quarterly Vert and Azure, on a Cross Gules fimbriated Or a Fleur-de-Lis of the last. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[132](Chosen in a BBC competition)[133] Flag of Merionethshire.svg 2015 on Flag of Merionethshire Azure, three goats rampant Argent, armed and unguled Or; from the dexter base the sun in his splendour issuant Or. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[134] Flag of Middlesex.svg 1910 Flag of Middlesex A red field with three white, gold hilted Saxon swords or Seaxes under a gold Saxon crown. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[135] Flag of Monmouthshire.svg 2011 on Flag of Monmouthshire Per pale Azure and Sable three Fleurs-de-lis Or. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[136] Flag of Norfolk.svg 2014 on Flag of Norfolk Party per pale or and sable, a bend ermine; the attributed arms of Ralph de Gael or Guader, 1st Earl of Norfolk (Registered by the Flag Institute)[137] Flag of Northamptonshire.svg 2014 on Flag of Northamptonshire Maroon with a gold cross fimbriated black, and in the centre the county’s traditional rose.[138] (Registered by the Flag Institute)[139](Chosen by competition)[140] Flag of Northumberland.svg 1951 Flag of Northumberland Local authority flag with use permitted to local people. Based on the St Oswald banner (below). (Registered by the Flag Institute)[141] County Flag of Nottinghamshire.svg 2011 on Flag of Nottinghamshire A red cross fimbriated white on a green field, with an inescutcheon in the centre showing Robin Hood. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[142](Chosen in a BBC competition)[143] 2007 Flag of Orkney.svg 2007 on Flag of Orkney[26][27] A blue Nordic cross outlined in yellow on a red field. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[144](Enrolled by the Lord Lyon)[145] Flag of Oxfordshire.svg 2017 on Flag of Oxfordshire The arms of the pre-1974 County Council: blue with a red ox head on a double bend wavy, between a wheatsheaf and an oak. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[146] Flag of Pembrokeshire.svg 1988 on Flag of Pembrokeshire A yellow cross on a blue field with a variation of the red and white Tudor rose in the centre. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[147] Rutland County Flag.svg 2015 on Flag of Rutland A green field strewn with acorns and a golden horseshoe in the centre. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[148] Flag of Shetland.svg 1969 on Flag of Shetland A white Nordic cross on a light blue field. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[149](Enrolled by the Lord Lyon)[150] Flag of Shropshire.svg 2012 on Flag of Shropshire Three leopards’ faces, referred to as loggerheads locally, are a traditional emblem for Shropshire and its county town, Shrewsbury. The erminois aspect differentiates the county flag with that of Shrewsbury. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[151]A banner of the council’s arms[152] Somerset Flag.svg 2013 on Flag of Somerset Or, a Dragon Rampant Gules. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[153](Chosen by competition)[154] Staffordshire Flag.svg 2016 on Flag of Staffordshire A red chevron on gold, with the Stafford knot.(Registered by the Flag Institute)[155](Chosen by competition)[156] County Flag of Suffolk.svg 2017 on Flag of Suffolk A Saxon crown pierced with two arrows: the traditional emblem of St Edmund, and of Suffolk.(Registered by the Flag Institute)[157] Flag of Surrey.svg 2014 on County Flag of Surrey Chequy or and azure (De Warrenne, the first Earls of Surrey) – the traditional emblem of the county.(Registered by the Flag Institute)[158] Flag of Sussex.svg 2010 on Flag of Sussex – Saint Richard’s Flag[26] Based on the traditional emblem of Sussex; Six gold martlets on a Blue field, first recorded in 1611 and used by many Sussex organisations. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[159] Flag of Sutherland 2018.svg December 2018 on Flag of Sutherland White with a black saltire intersecting a black Scandinavian cross, a sun figure in the centre. This design won a local competition, replacing a previous winner (a swooping eagle counterchanged against a vertical bicoloured red and yellow background, with three mullets at the hoist).[160] (Registered by the Flag Institute)[161] Flag of Warwickshire.svg August 2016 on Flag of Warwickshire A bear and ragged staff (the badge of the Earls of Warwick) which has become a symbol of the county, white on red. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[162] Flag of Westmorland.svg 2011 on Flag of Westmorland A golden heraldic apple tree on white and red bars. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[163] County Flag of Wiltshire.svg 2009 on Flag of Wiltshire Alternating downward angled stripes of green and white bearing a green disc within six alternating green and white sections, on which stands an image of a great bustard. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[164][165] Accepted by Wiltshire Council in December 2009[166] Worcestershire flag.svg 2013 on Flag of Worcestershire Three black pears on a shield charged against a wavy green and blue background. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[167](Chosen in a BBC competition)[168] FlagOfYorkshire.svg 1960s on Flag of Yorkshire A White Rose on a blue field. (Registered by the Flag Institute)[169]

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