Luxury Palm Beach Mansion up for sale at $38M

Located in the lovely Palm Beach, right on the edge of the ocean, this mansion is one of the greatest residences to choose if you desire to spend part of your life within the region. An extraordinary combination of vintage architecture, contemporary lifestyle and exquisiteness describes this $38 million estate.

Covering an area of 13,000 square feet, it shares incredible panoramas of the Pacific Ocean and of the inter-coastal highway. A hinge of security, the residence is completely surrounded by tough metallic gates crafted from cast iron.

Consisting of 7 luxurious bedrooms, adjacent full luxury baths – 8 bathrooms and 5 half-baths – and a superb pool with its own fountain, there’s not even a single mistake about this mansion. It comes with ceiling-high windows, mural paintings, glass coffee table, exquisite furnishing, artistic walls and metallic candle lamps.

In addition, the guest room is no second to none – the wood panels, impressive chandeliers and a gorgeous woolen rug speak for themselves. And let’s not forget the kitchen, kept in a simple design, with a mini-bar that entices even the most grimly non-drinkers.

There’s also the master bedroom to describe – it comes with its own private terrace, allowing people to enjoy breathtaking moments and views of the ocean. A covered, external eatery is a great place indeed to enjoy exquisite dining while watching the waves moving. Worth a staggering $38 million, this incredible piece of architectonics and exquisite design is surely an eye-catcher for everyone.


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