Monster DNA Headphones by Crystal Rocked

The previous piece launched by Crystal Rocked was a series of Swarovski-studded Guitars, which turned out to be a major success. Now though, the brand has teamed with Monster and the result is quite staggering – the brand new DNA on-ear headphones.

The pieces will have to be quite nice to be successful nowadays, as their competitors are quite renowned and exquisitely made – the Limited Edition Swarovski Light Rose Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones and the Limited Edition Swarovski Dr Dre Detox Pro Headsets. They are designed as an interesting mash of audio playback excellence and extraordinary design, with performance that can wake up a hibernating bear.

In addition, they are quite nice to wear as well, as they were fitted with soft ear cushions which allow a coziness and a snug fit, a noise-isolated environment without any sort of leakage. The headsets were further equipped with state of the art MusicLink dual audio input jacks.

The pairs have each been garnished with 2000 individually placed Swarovski elements, applied by hand in the brand’s studios in London. Each Monster DNA can be purchased at £430, the equivalent of $657. Check out their website for more info.


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